Thursday, August 20, 2009

a crazy week

What a busy all started last Saturday after work, when my friend and I went looking for bits of furniture to do up.Ended up getting a sideboard,chest of drawers,a half table and some pretty rose china.My friend got a lovely round table with 4 chairs for her new home that she will paint and make beautiful.We loaded up the ute with as much as we could fit in.

Then Sunday hubby and I laid carpet in the bedrooms all day.Boy I have found muscles I did'nt know existed.This renovating thing ceratinly keeps you fit!!Back to work Monday and then some sadness when our dog passed away in the early hours of Tuesday morning ,which was my daughters 14th birthday(of all days!.He was a great dane and was 11 and a half which is a pretty good innings as they usually live to about 10.We are all heartbroken, but at least he is'nt in any pain now.They become part of the family,dont they?
That same day my Nan had a fall so I took her to the doctor and then for xrays.She has a broken knee cap.....ouch!!!In between all this we managed to paint a couple of the bits of furniture which I will show you here.

This had lovely gold stencils and texta all over it.Now it has a new life in white with pink crystal handles.

This is the little half table that had heaps of laquer on it.Looks great in the shop.

These are some lovely tassels I decorated.Click to enlarge if you like.They have a cute heart shaped button with bling on them.Pretty!

Another candle I also decorated.Love the bling buckle!!

A cosy pink throw with some new flowers on top.And underneath is an old crochet bedspread that has been freshly laundered and came up a treat.

And a pic of some other lovelies.

So I have filled you in on my crazy week....hope the next one is better!
Have a great weekend
Lucinda x

Thursday, August 6, 2009

High tea went really well last Saturday..........and silly me forgot to take photos again!!!!I did take one while we were setting up, anyway we had lot's of fun again and the homemade goodies were delicious!!!

I've been working on some lamp shades that were given to me.I have been having a great time decorating them and some other things.Here's a close up .

Loving this plum colour throw, it goes nicely with the large print and frilly cushions.
Some new box cushions in pink,and also towel set that has lace edging and embroidered roses.The small decorator cushion behind is also new.

Some spoons with pastel colour 'cameos' also arrived this week.

These lovely pastel green buckets that have a hand towel and body lotion inside will make a lovely gift at $14.95.The butterfly soap in a pack of three should also be a hit at $9.95.

new robert gordon mugs

A candle I decorated with lace and velvet flowers.It's sitting on a crystal dish that I got from the salvo's.Tied it all up with a ribbon.Too pretty to you think?

Wow I had lot's to show you today.I will leave you with a cup of tea and a scone or two.


P.S a big cherio to my friend Helen who broke her arm in three places(and has just had an op to put pins and plates in it....)and also broke some ribs in a fall from her motorbike.Get better soon and I'm thinking of youxx