Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hume Cottage is closed!!

Saturday saw the last trading day at  Hume Cottage. Mixed feelings that's for sure.Shed a little tear and said my goodbye with a glass of champagne.Thanks again to all those gorgeous friends, family and customer's who supported me along this 3 and a half year journey, it's certainly been a roller coaster ride full of laughter, happiness and stress!!!My beautiful friend Heidi shocked me with a  Surprise Tea Party at her home.She filled it with gorgeous food, tea,coffee and friends! I was shaking and crying  when I had discovered what she had done and was so overwhelmed by this random act of kindness.She knows how much the shop meant to me and we celebrated  in the best way ever....a tea party!!

So what will I be up to now?
I have landed myself a full time job at Bed Bath n Table as Assistant manager!! I start on Tuesday and I am excited and nervous.It will be nice to be working in amongst those beautiful homewares and get paid for it!!
So going back to my previous door closes...another one opens, and it has for me.
I have a new direction in life to look forward to and I also look forward to balancing my life with more time for family, friends and me time.No more stressing about paying the rent or supplier's, not my worry anymore.
Yay!! So thanks to all my bloggy buddies who have encouraged me along the has meant alot and I certainly have enjoyed sharing the experience with you all.

Take care

Monday, August 1, 2011

one door closes.....another one opens

It is with a little sadness that I write this post.
For some time now my shop has been struggling to meet the requirements it needs to sustain itself.And after another epilepsy turn a few weeks ago(due to stress) I have made the decision to let Hume Cottage go.

I have battled with this decision for quite a while now hoping that some miracle would come along and get me through.And when it starts to play havock with your health I know it's just not worth it.But at the same time I feel a little relieved that there is some light at the end of the tunnel and who know's what the universe has planned for me in the future!!

So until I find a job, or find someone to take over the lease I will continue trading.I would like to thank all of my beautiful customers that have supported me along this journey.........and I would also like to thank the blogging community as I have been so inspired by what so many of you have done.

Wish me luck......will keep you updated as we go along.
Lucinda x

Monday, July 18, 2011

It has been a really cold winter this year and today it snowed for about 5 mins......not enough to settle on the ground but so so pretty when it's falling.No wonder my toe's feel like they about to fall off!!

So the shop needed some brightening up on these gloomy days.I made some big hot pink snow flakes to hang and a few pompoms to add some colour to my window this week.

Also made some more pot pourri sachets with some old lace and flowers and bit's and pieces.

And thought I would show you this pretty heart shaped paper weight .Love it!! Have a great week everyone
Lucinda xx

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Face cloth handbags

This week I have been trying to make some things for the shop.
These are my face cloth handbags I made.They have a sweet smelling soap inside.

Love the colours and diffrent idea's you can do with them
This one is a soft green with a bit of lace and pearls
They are going to make a great litlle token gift for someone.
And last week you saw my tea cup candles.....well I though not everyone might not want them with flowers all over I found some cappucinno cups at the local thrift store and scented these one with cappucinno hazelnut yummmm!!!

Also this week I have been helping my girlfriend get ready for her sister's wedding on Sat.It will be in ner garden and we are doing a High Tea afterwards.So we have been busy making decorations,and yummy goodies.Will take some photos to show you if I remember!We are hoping for a nice sunny day so the ceremony can be held under the willow tree.We are going to hang pretties in the tree too.Finger's crossed!!
Catch you next week
Lucinda xx

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Hi everyone....just showing some more of my teacup candles I made for the shop.

Have made them with soy wax and delicious flavours like cappucino, lemon verbena, cottage garden , fig and pear and clean cotton.
Great way to use my odds and ends and customers can bring them back to the shop for a refill.
Have a wonderful day!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

this weeks goodies...

These lovely little room perfumes came in last week.They are only $8.95 each!
Yumm these melts smell devine.Made in Australia, you just break a block off as you need .Priced at $4.95 each.

And lastly I have been making some candles.I have alot of odds and ends left from when I we were doing high tea's in the shop, so I thought I would use some of the cup's and saucer's for some delicious soy wax candles.And once burnt customer's can bring them in for a refill.So far I have tried english garden,lemongrass,lemon verbena and rose fragrances.Lovely! Ok that's all I have to show today, see you next time!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

stocktake sale

Hume Cottage Stocktake Sale

For those of you who live nearby, we are having our annual sale next week.

 Sat 18th from 12pm - 4pm with drinks and nibbles on offer along with a lucky door prize to win.

Otherwise it officially starts Mon 20th June for one week only,
20% off all full priced items

Hope to see you there!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

latest finds and goodies

Just arrived some new lace edged runners, toppers and doilies.I had them stacked while pricing them and thought they looked so pretty I had to share with you.

I hung these beauties on the old door that I use for so many different displays.Shows them off nicely

Latest find is this pretty coffee set....gave it a quick polish and now sits in the front window sparkling away at customers

Pretty.That's all my news for now see you next time!

Sunday, May 29, 2011

 This weeks finds.....a pretty shaving pot? Think that's what it is......and a shabby little frame that I put a pic of roses in.
New little display I did...... cute little birdies on the table
This dressing table was a  nice's hard to find different shaped ones with mirrors in good condition.Did'nt have to do anything to this one it was already painted!
That's all I have time for today,see you next time.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

feeling old today .......:)


Happy Birthday sweetheart, may you be blessed today and always and may all your dreams come true x

Her are some vintage goodies I sourced for the shop this week

This old frame is so lovely, found it just the way it is, how lucky?
Love the chippiness! of it
I dyed the tablecloth and napkins a soft soft pink.
And I just adore any china that has a rose on it along with glass or crystal. 
Bet these guys dont stay in the shop long.
Have a great weekend.
Lucinda x

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

new mirrors

 Though I would show some new mirrors in the shop.This one you have seen before but it is in again ...just love it.
 This one is the old window look!!!
 Took this with the flash on next one was without.

 This one has a little window box attached to it, sweet.
This one is like an old set of rusty gates.They actually close and a latch holds it tight.Very nice!
So there you go some newies in the shop this wek.Hope you enjoyed.Have a great weekend !
Lucinda x

Monday, May 9, 2011

moved the shop around a bit.....

 Before we moved the counter

Now it is up the back...unfortunately i had to move it to where i could see the whole shop as i have had quite a few thefts...which happens i guess! Now we have cameras installed up front and back as well so that should help.
view from the rear of the shop
Might need some rugs or mats for these chilly months coming up !Have a great day!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

latest window display

 Hello everyone....changed one of the window displays today.....what do you think?
 I made a slip cover for this chair over Easter weekend...underneath it is a lovely" baby poo" colour velvet....urrrgh!Much prettier now.Did make a ruffle cushion to match but it sold before i had a chance to take a photo
 The photo makes it look lilac but it's actually a dark dusty pink.This was my first attempt at a slip cover.
These shutters I picked up from a second hand store and I hinged them together for a screen.They were already the softest prettiest green....what a great find! They will be handy to section off bit's of the shop etc.
That's all for today
See you next time
Lucinda x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

more pretties....

 Hi some new lovelies to show you all.These gorgeous embroidered handtowels and washers have arrived.Love the bling buckle on the matching teal coloured ribbon on the soap.So pretty!

 These notepad and pen sets have just come in.....lot's of clours and patterns
 The notepad is almost too pretty to write to enlarge
And these handmade beauty's are gorgeous...geez some people are clever.
Hope you have a great weekend
Lucinda xx