Thursday, April 30, 2009

A bit of excitement!

Thursday, I had an exciting morning........the photographer and stylist from Country Home Ideas magazine came and spent a few hours in the shop.I was slightly concerned about the mayhem it might have caused with customers coming in, but it worked out just fine..I told the stylist she could do whatever she liked to see what she would come up with,and now I cant wait to see the finnished pics.(in about 2-3 issues)They were so considerate and put everything back where it came from.So that was a bit of fun!

Once again I feel the compulsion to move things around.Do I have a sickness?I think I might...The afternoon sun comes through the windows in winter, which is much appreciated.We are having some really chilly days .

I put the table and chairs in the window for a change.Does'nt look too bad.

We have the insulation in the walls at home so guess what I will be doing Sunday? Gyprocking yehhhhh.Getting very excited now and it will be sooooo much warmer then.Last Sunday we went to a lighting shop and bought some chandeliers.2 for the family room and 1 for our bedroom.I really could have gone mad and bought some for the girls rooms too, but I will do that later.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get to enjoy some quality time with loved ones.Till next time chow!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

a day at the show

We had a fabulous day at the Sydney Royal Easter show.My kids have never been and had a wonderful but exhausting time.Thought I would share some photos of our day.

This is my 4 treasure's at the piggy pen where mum was feeding her babies.The kids thought it hilarious that the piglets were all fighting to get a nipple!

Later on we went on this big ferris wheel together.
This is hubby with Sarah and Nick.

Then Lauren, Samantha and myself on the other side.

This is one of the views from the top of the ferris wheel.You can see the Harbor Bridge and some of the city

The 3 older ones went on this ride.We could see the look on their faces, sheer horror! But then when they were safely on the ground thought it was the BEST!!!
Then Sarah and Daddy went on this roller coaster.You can just see hubby's hand giving us a wave before approaching the crazy bends.

This is Nick.We all had a good chuckle at this one,very funny!

Now they have all got their showbags, they are all happy to go home and collapse.......we certainly made sure we saw everything we could and made the most of an enjoyable day together.Nice memories, I am so grateful for my family xx Lucinda

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wow........does anyone else feel like you've been really busy but when you are asked 'doing what?' you cant really answer.Life in general is so hectic, is'nt it?

So I thought I would show you these cute little manicure sets.They look like a thong and da dah! when you open them up , a little travel manicure set.Cute are'nt they? Very popular for the young gals(and likewise 2 teenage girls in my home who keep pinching my set) .$9.95 each

Absolutely adore this new heart shaped cushion.I had cream and a light pink but they did'nt last long at all.I did have an alterior motive, if they did'nt sell they would look really nice on my bed

Some new aprons, hanging on the wall.And
I love the

little bunches of roses in the basket.

I have been
doing a fair bit of rearranging(whats new?)Trying to have a bedroomy section, a kitchen section etc.But it does'nt always go to plan.

Anyway it keeps it all interesting.The
devonshire tea's have been well received so far.

We are off to the Royal Easter Show tomorrow with the kids.It's the last day so I hope the weather holds out for us!Kids are very excited,they have never been, and I'm

guessing with the amount of money we will be spending ,probably not again!!So we will have to make the most of it.
Renovations are ticking along nicely.Waiting for the electrician to do the rough out.We had fun planning where we need power points how many lights etc.I think we counted 17 powerpoints!!!
I can hear you laugh........but you never know where you might need one(says hubby)
Well that's enough blah blah for now.I'll chat again very soon
Take care Lucinda x

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter to everyone.I hope you get the chance to enjoy the company of loved ones and also get a chance for some rest and relaxation.I also hope the Easter bunny comes to you all.....

After fiddling around with tea and coffee in the shop for a year I have finally made a commitment to give devonshire tea's a go.The lovely Vicki and David have been so helpful with tips and ideas I can implement.
It was the coffee's I was scared of.It is a real art to make a proper cuppacino.But after some great tips from Vicki, I feel I am getting closer.

We are hoping to offer High Tea's in the near future.So we will be doing a bit of rearranging over Easter to accommodate a few more tables.Here's a pic of what I have done so far.We are planning to move the buffet and hutch on to that wall and fill it with tea's and locally made jam's etc.Make it more of a kitchen section then over the other side of the shop have all the bedroomy stuff.We'll see if it works.I'll post photos next week to see what you think.

Speaking of locally made things,check out these yummy gingerbread men.They are almost too cute to eat............I did say almost!

I sell them for $2.00 each , do you think that is a reasonable price?

Love this stack of notes with pen.It's a lovely saying 'live love laugh' is'nt it?
Take care and catch you next week.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

thought I would show you some new candlabra's I got from the Gift Fair.They are so pretty!

Which one do you like best? I cant choose,that's why I had to buy all 3.They retail for between $31.95 and $39.95.Candles are extra.
Had another lovely day off yesterday, even though we have had 3 days rain.Helped hubby with the house.Demolished the back wall, now it gives me a good idea of how much room we will have.(and mentally planning out where all the furniture will go)We did it while the kids were at school.Should have seen the looks on their faces when they got home heehhee.
Well that's all from me for now.Better go and do some boring bookwork.
See ya x Lucinda