Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas from Hume Cottage...............may you have lot's of love, happiness and health!!!
Lucinda xx

Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Boy has it been a crazy few weeks for me.As per last post I mentioned we were moving the shop.Well it's all done and dusted!!!

We have moved to a slightly smaller shop in the Main St of Mittagong(not too far away from where we were) So in a short space of time we had to paint,build, pack ,sort, move ,unpack all within 1 week!!!

Here are some before shots...I forgot to take one earlier, but you can see up the back that the whole shop was painted burgundy on the bottom part and a dark cream on top.It used to be a hairdressing salon and we also built a wall up the back to give me a bit more storage.
Lots and lots of painting to cover that dark colour, but already it was lightening up the shop.

View from the back looking out.A bit dark sorry!

And all moved in!!!!We utilised the counter that was left behind and it is great for display and has given me more counter space.

Will take some better photo's ...the wall my hubby built looks like part of a cottage.We used an old windoe out of our house that was taken out for the extensions, so I can do my bookwork and keep an eye on the shop.Great!!
No more tea's and coffee's though,or high tea or devonshire tea's.Not enough room and I am up near 2 coffee shops so it's not needed so much.

And view form the before we re-opened(paper still on the window).
Wil show some more next time
Lucinda x

Sunday, October 17, 2010

soft and pretty
new goodies

new cannisters

Hi Everyone
Quickly showing you some new arrivals in this week.
The scarves are gorgeous...only $29.95 each
Cannisters $39.95 set.

Also sharing some exciting news!!!
Hume Cottage is moving!
Watch this space for more details, as soon as I have confirmation on the date I will reveal more!!
See you soon
Lucinda x

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


vintage look today...not so pink and frou frou

made my own serviette holders,lace,flowers and a hot glue gun!

cloth napkins

put this bunch of hydrangeas in a pot then covered the pot in lace

even put velevt roses on the back of each chair!

Hi everyone.......I normally have a day off on Wednesdays but today I am doing a sweet little mini-tea? for some lovely ladies.They decided that the High Tea was a bit too much food for them so they are coming in for a scaled down version.They will get  a yummy scone with jam and cream, a piece of orange and poppyseed cake,a melting moment biscuit and tea sandwiches.  
should be a bit of fun...will let you know!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

pretty flowers

Hi everyone.....thought I would show you some new pretty flowers that have arrived in store this week.
soft pink and cream roses...yum

These are fake rose buds......but don't they look so real??
Had to pinch a couple of stems for home, just could'nt resist!

I put some in a silver coffee pot in the window of the shop.The afternoon sun was streaming in....had to take another pic.Soooo pretty!

And these gorgeous creatures are little velvet forget-me-nots.Dont they look sweet in the crystal dish???
They will come in handy for future craft projects.

Well that's all i have time to show you today...catch up next time.Have a great evening!!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

little trip away

Last weekend I was lucky enough to duck off for a few days up to Cairns to visit my parents who are at Innisfail(about 1 hr south).I booked my tickets months ago and was counting down to see them.( had'nt seen them since April) It was lovely to spend Father's day with Dad and Mum's birthday was only a few days beforehand so it was perfect timing.

They took me sight seeing and showed me all around the area.It was only 4yrs ago a massive cyclone went through the area..and unless you were looking for the signs you would'nt have guessed that the whole area had been devastated.This is a pic of Paranella Falls it is the ruins of a castle that a spanish man built for his new wife.Apparently she would only move to Australia if he built her a castle.These days you can have a tour through the ruins and parklands.Gorgeous!Was trying to imagine what it would have been like in it's hey day.

This is the view at night ...spectacular!
On the Monday Dad had to work so Mum and I went to Cairns for the day .Had lunch on the esplanade and then lot's of shopping and coffees! A few tears when it came time for goodbyes but a very enjoyable weekend.Will see them again at Christmas and the way the weeks go wont take long at all.

Off to the Gift Fair in Sydney this weekend to buy some more goodies for the shop, fill you in  next week
Lucinda xx

Friday, August 20, 2010

family room

Before(while building)


Today I thought I would show you some pic's of my family room.Last year my hubby and I put an extension on the back of our cottage,which included a family room, bedroom, new laundry ,main bedroom with walk in robe and ensuite.
I still keep shuffling things around trying to acheive the look I am after.Originally I thought I would paint the sideboard, but now it has grown on me and I think it adds character to the room.The only thing I might do is strip it back to it's original timber.
The white cane chairs were a xmas pressie form hubby and were to go on our verandah...but I am loving them inside at the moment.Makes for a cosy conversation area.
The shutters are a greeny bluey colour and were given to me by a friend.They are just leaning against the walls at the moment.Still deciding if I should leave them there or not.

Well there you go ..a peep into our family room.Hope you enjoyed it.Have a great week!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Received some more craft supplies for the shop through the week.The lace is so pretty cant wait to put it on some cushions or lamps.Velvet roses are one of my fav's and the organza rose braid I have already used on a lamp.
Put some on the bottom of this lamp shade along with some flowers.Probably should have taken a better photo!
Love the cushions on the bed.Ruffles....lace...ribbon embroidery....lovely!
Took this photo in the late afternoon with the sun shining on the goodies in the window.

And finally, the ruffle bath mats are back in stock again.They wash up so nicely and have a non slip backing.

Thinking and saying a little prayer for my 21 year old niece.She was hit in the head last night with a hockey ball and is in hospital with a fractured skull and bleeding on the brain.Very worrying!

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Look at these cuties!Heart shaped heart equals one teaspoon of sugar.
Heart shaped sugars

Available in pink or assorted.

or in individual little bags

How cute!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

bridal shower

Normally Hume Cottage is closed on a Sunday but we had a special function to present.We had a Bridal Shower in the shop and here is a before photo.We laid out the table for 15 ladies to enjoy tea and coffee while the hostess brought along some yummy food and games to play.

Sonia's bridal shower
So the ladies shopped and shopped, and Sonia (the bride to be) got 10% of the total sales to spend in the shop.The ladies also put some money in a  box for her.So she had a lovely time deciding what to get.
It was a lovely afternoon and the ladies all seem relaxed and enjoyed the pretty surroundings...(although some ladies complained that it was all too tempting spending that much time in a pretty shop and that their budgets would suffer!!hehe)

What a nice afternoon...certainly did'nt feel like work(until the washing up had to be done!)

Catch up with you very soon
Lucinda xx

Monday, July 19, 2010

Hello's what I have been up to lately...

Picked up these lovely trunks on the weekend.They were already painted white.Good size for a glory box or to store blankets and throws in.

Also picked up this lovely writing desk (which also was already painted..yay)Has crystal handles and knobs and the bottom drawer is a filing cabinet.Very handy.Looks cute with the pink stripe chair I did a while back.Should've have taken the photo in the morning as the sun was coming in..but I guess you get the idea.

Been decorating soaps again.I'm in love with these cute pink roses and clear hearts at the moment.

Also did a few coathangers.Trying for a more vintage look.I was lucky enough to inherit some lovely vintage laces from my husbands grandmother(who passed away last year)She loved to do craft and I am so glad I have been able to put it to good use.
Have been doing a bit of sewing too...but I'll show you that next time.
See you then
Lucinda xx

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Latest goodies in store this week.............

Love these sweet notecard sets

They have 10 cards and envelopes with 2 different styles of photos.

lovely gift at $14.95

Also love these new serviettes

Wish I had of had them for the blogger teaparty last week!

Have a great weekend everyone!
Lucinda xx