Sunday, July 25, 2010

bridal shower

Normally Hume Cottage is closed on a Sunday but we had a special function to present.We had a Bridal Shower in the shop and here is a before photo.We laid out the table for 15 ladies to enjoy tea and coffee while the hostess brought along some yummy food and games to play.

Sonia's bridal shower
So the ladies shopped and shopped, and Sonia (the bride to be) got 10% of the total sales to spend in the shop.The ladies also put some money in a  box for her.So she had a lovely time deciding what to get.
It was a lovely afternoon and the ladies all seem relaxed and enjoyed the pretty surroundings...(although some ladies complained that it was all too tempting spending that much time in a pretty shop and that their budgets would suffer!!hehe)

What a nice afternoon...certainly did'nt feel like work(until the washing up had to be done!)

Catch up with you very soon
Lucinda xx


  1. Lucinda ~
    That looks so beautiful !
    What a fun bridal shower ~


  2. What a great idea for a bridal shower. I bet all the ladies loved it Lucinda.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Hi Lou, bridal shower looks gorgeous. Hope you do lots more!

  4. Hi Lucinda, thanks for your sweet comment and concern. Yes it does feel a bit better to get it off my chest. I think having bridal showers is a great idea! People have shopping parties for all sorts of things so why not in your beautiful shop! The tables you set up look lovely as always, take care, Maryann

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