Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hey......long time no post!!!

Well I better get a wriggle on and update with all the latest news.

any spare time I do have has been taken up with our extensions, but I pleased to say we are on the home stretch now, with the timber floors getting finnished yesterday...yay!

So very soon I will post some photo's of how it is all looking,but for now I will show you some lovelies in my shop.

A lovely rose mug that come's in a pretty nice to drink out of! Such soft colours.

Some cute faux rocks for the verandah.They have lovely glass mosaic butterflies/dragonflies on them.Some of the other ones have the words 'serenity' or 'caring' on them.Sweet presies!

This is a pretty chair I have been working on.When I got it , it was already painted white, but the chair pad was a silver fabric and I felt the back was too plain.So I grabbed some soft green fabric and stuck a rose decal on the back......and there you go!Much prettier.

This little sweet jar I found in a second hand store and gave it a bit of a polish,added a crystal tea spoon and is hard to part with.It really would look nice on my plate rack at home....I must be good...I must be good!!!!!!!!!!

Love these cute little suit cases that have come in.

And what a nice way to save for a girls night out!

Picture of one part of the shop that's looking pretty.

Well that's all for now hope all is good in your world!

Lucinda x

P.S. okay maybe one little peek