Friday, January 28, 2011

 Good morning all......a couple of shots in my shop.
 Love this pretty pink little snail!
 One corner in my shop where i keep most of the garden decor.
                And a liitle corner of my bedroom.I have probaly shown this before....but there are a few new additions.The jewellery stand and powder chair are new.
Have a great weekend!
Lucinda xx

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

 Woops!!!!!.....sorry about that guys..accidently bumped the publish post button...geez I'm on a roll today lol!! This is the most gorgeous garden umbrella that Cindy gave me for helping her out
Can you picture a tea party sitting under it with all your best buddies?That's the plan!!Will keep you posted!
Have a great day Lucinda xx
Forgot to add that Cindy got the umbrella from the very talented Tina from theoldfrenchdoors
 Hi ....long time between blogs.My laptop died before Christmas and I've been lost without it.But we are ready to go again, so here is a pic of a table I have in  my family room.My beautiful mother in law gave me a bunch of roses out of her garden....dont they look great amongst my other pretties?

This was one of my pressies from my lovely friend Helen.They have the most gorgeous scent and so so vintage.Love them!You can see a bit of the other things she gave me.But I'll leave that for next time

Sorry about these photos'll have to turn your head on the side heehee I forgot to rotate them.
I also got this beautiful book from my gorgeous friend Heidi
As well as lot's of other lovelies like the scrumptious cupcakes book.I have promised to have a lovely tea party very soon as I have so much china left over from doing high tea's in the shop.
I also have'nt got around to showing you the sweetest gift my firend Cindy gave me a while back for helping her set up her shop MISTY MEMORIES in Robertson (about 20 mins drive from Mittagong)