Monday, December 21, 2009

Merry Christmas!!!

May you all have a .........

and I hope you will......


and may there be lot's and lot's of........

See you in the New Year!!

Lucinda xx

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Hi everyone...thanks for coming over.Today I popped out to the markets before opening the shop and checked out my friend Cindy's stall. She did a fantastic job of putting it all together and I managed to buy quite a few goodies in the short time I had. I saw on her blog some beautiful reindeers she had made.At first I thought they would look great in the shop but I think I will have to take them home, they are so sweet.

not the best photo sorry but you get the idea(soft pink and white,she also had a soft green)

I thought while I am here I would show some more pretties

Is'nt this a little sweetie?Bit hard to see but it says HOPE and has cute little birds on it

A mixture of goodies.Tin calenders,bling nail files,hand painted bookmark,new doilies and a lovely glass paper weight.

A new lamp....cheated this time.Bought it ready time for craft at this time of year!

Bling pill box's and a bling hand bag holder that clips on your bag.Some had painted magnets as well

And a quick photo of my eldest daughter on the night of her Yr 10 formal.Must say I had a tear in my eye as she was picked up in a Rolls Royce, my little girl is growing too quick..they all are.
And she is just as beautiful on the inside :)
Till next time
Lucinda xx

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Wow...another High Tea on it's waythis Saturday...They really come around very quickly.19 Ladies are joining us this time so that will keep us on our toes!! Should be fun.

Thought I'd better post some more pics of our home.This is our hallway, it's inthe old part of the cottage.I painted the hall stand about a year ago and love how it lightens up the hallway.This photo was taken on a dull day and I am in the lounge room.

This is our new family room.Since I took this photo I have changed a few things , but you get the drift.The dark sideboard I got for $99 and have started stripping the drawers with intention of painting it white, but now am not sure.I think I will still strip it and see what it looks like.That will be a project for after Christmas when my gorgeous Mum is filling in at the shop for 2 weeks.YAHOO!! Cant wait to spend some time with my beautiful family that I am so blessed to have.

Another pic of the family room.I am looking for a nice rug to tie in nicely.

Our dining table.We painted the legs of the table and chairs and left the top timber.Loving it!! It's given it a whole new look.
Well there's a bit more of a look.Hopefully will get to post some more soon
Have a great day
Lucinda x

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Last weekend we managed to take the family away down the South Coast for a nice break.We have been so busy working on the house every Sunday that we thought it was time to get away and have some fun!!

Here is Nick jumping off the rock into the pool

And Sarah feeding the Rainbow Lorrikeets on the back deck of the cabin we stayed in.It was hillarious watching the antics of 'who's the boss'?

My boy's checking out the surf

But before we ducked away I had a quick look at the local markets and manged to pick up a few goodies.I got this lovely chair, already painted and upholstered, the cane waste paper basket that I added some roses to and another basket that I also added roses to.So that was a nice start to the weekend.

One of Gail's lovely prints.
Some of the soaps that I decorate

Here is a cute little mini cup cake dome.Is'nt it sweet?

Gorgeous heart shaped cup and saucer is new in this week.Would'nt you feel special drinking out of it?
Well that's my news for this week........till next time
Lucinda x

Monday, November 16, 2009

Hello again........another busy week has flown by.

Last Saturday one of my lovely friends Heidi decided to hold a Hume Cottage party at her beautiful home.What fun we all had and my pretties looked fabulous in her home.We enjoyed some yummy afternoon tea and some bubbly.I took a few photos(should have taken heaps more) but it was hard to get a clear pic without someone in it.So these just dont do it justice but you get the idea.Next year we will hold in-store parties after hours , where the hostess organises a few friends to come to the shop and I will supply tea/coffee and a few nibbles, and the hostess will get the benefits.Sounds like a whole lot of fun to be had!

Today I have been out and about and am very excited to pick up an old standard lamp made from iron, for $25! Bargain....and these guys are so hard to come by.Will post some pics of before and after soon.
Before I go thought you might like a chuckle .Here is a pic of my shop the day before we seems soooo bare.It is nice to look back and see how far we've come.
Have a great day!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

another quick post before I start my days work in the shop.

Last Sat we enjoyed another sucessful hightea.Some ladies went all out and got dressed up fo r the occasion, with one lady wearing a beautiful antique lace dress.Nice to see them going to some trouble.

Next one is 5th December and we will have a Christmas theme.We already have some bookings for that one, should be fun.

Betta go and open up ,short and sweet these days but better than nothing I guess!
Have a great day!
Luicnda x

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey all , thought I would show you my Christmas display in the shop.Still a work in progress.I could'nt believe the customer pressure to put it out ( I did'nt want to put it out toooo early) , then the other day a customer groaned "oh've got your Christmas things out too!!!" Cant win! I must admit that until I did put it out I was'nt feeling very Chrismassy.

click to enlarge

I managed to take some pic's of our extension yesterday, bare with me as the lighting was'nt great but it will give you a bit of an idea how things are coming along.

This is our bedroom ...looking from inside the ensuite.How lucky was I to be given the bench seat at the end of the bed.I have'nt decided what colour I will re-upholster it yet.I love it!!

Another pic of our bedroom.And a little peak at the ensuite.I got the vanity off ebay and it's one of my fav things.The frames on the wall I got from the markets and spray painted white

Another one of my fav pieces, my plate rack full of old china and crystal.

And the lovely mirror shelf I was given last Christmas from some beautiful friends hangs pride and place in our family room with some pretties.Can you see a bit of my chandy in the reflection?

betta go, will post pics soon of the rest of it.have a nice weekend
Lucinda xx

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Hi everyone....hope all is well in your world.

My hubby and I enjoyed our 15th wedding anniversary yesterday.I brought home some chinese and a bottle of bubbly and the kids set the table with candles and flowers and homemade cards.Just gorgeous!

These candles are lovely,they are Rose and Sandalwood(click to enlarge if you like)Next to them is some oil burners.I have just got some beautiful smelly melts to go in them.Baby powder,lemongrass,cottage garden to name a few.

This little sweety is ceramic.How gorgeous is it?

My kids laughed at me when I brought home one of these bling bath plugs.Goes nicely in my new ensuite.I also have them in blue,purple and clear.

A lovely Nana teddy that is holding a baby teddy.So cute!

Some lovely rose soap leaves for your handbag.Very handy

What about some pot pourri shoe stuffers, to make your shoes smell nice.

Wishing you all a lovely weekend

Lucinda x

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hey girls....a really quick post to show you some more pretties in the shop.It seems I never have time to do a post .
So I will leave you with these pics and try to have more of a chat next time.
Have a great weekend... Lucinda x
P.S Check out a friend of mines new blog.Cindy is new to blogging so pop by and say hello
she loves pretties too.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Hey......long time no post!!!

Well I better get a wriggle on and update with all the latest news.

any spare time I do have has been taken up with our extensions, but I pleased to say we are on the home stretch now, with the timber floors getting finnished yesterday...yay!

So very soon I will post some photo's of how it is all looking,but for now I will show you some lovelies in my shop.

A lovely rose mug that come's in a pretty nice to drink out of! Such soft colours.

Some cute faux rocks for the verandah.They have lovely glass mosaic butterflies/dragonflies on them.Some of the other ones have the words 'serenity' or 'caring' on them.Sweet presies!

This is a pretty chair I have been working on.When I got it , it was already painted white, but the chair pad was a silver fabric and I felt the back was too plain.So I grabbed some soft green fabric and stuck a rose decal on the back......and there you go!Much prettier.

This little sweet jar I found in a second hand store and gave it a bit of a polish,added a crystal tea spoon and is hard to part with.It really would look nice on my plate rack at home....I must be good...I must be good!!!!!!!!!!

Love these cute little suit cases that have come in.

And what a nice way to save for a girls night out!

Picture of one part of the shop that's looking pretty.

Well that's all for now hope all is good in your world!

Lucinda x

P.S. okay maybe one little peek