Wednesday, April 27, 2011

latest window display

 Hello everyone....changed one of the window displays today.....what do you think?
 I made a slip cover for this chair over Easter weekend...underneath it is a lovely" baby poo" colour velvet....urrrgh!Much prettier now.Did make a ruffle cushion to match but it sold before i had a chance to take a photo
 The photo makes it look lilac but it's actually a dark dusty pink.This was my first attempt at a slip cover.
These shutters I picked up from a second hand store and I hinged them together for a screen.They were already the softest prettiest green....what a great find! They will be handy to section off bit's of the shop etc.
That's all for today
See you next time
Lucinda x

Thursday, April 7, 2011

more pretties....

 Hi some new lovelies to show you all.These gorgeous embroidered handtowels and washers have arrived.Love the bling buckle on the matching teal coloured ribbon on the soap.So pretty!

 These notepad and pen sets have just come in.....lot's of clours and patterns
 The notepad is almost too pretty to write to enlarge
And these handmade beauty's are gorgeous...geez some people are clever.
Hope you have a great weekend
Lucinda xx