Wednesday, December 3, 2008

This is a photo of the wall behind my counter.A lovely Gail McCormack print,sparkly butterfly,rose garland and a bit of Christmas.Pretty dont you think?

This is on the other side of the wall.A beautiful pink chandelier.

This weekend I am starting my Christmas shopping..........I know...better late than never,I'm just not one of those organised people who can get it done through the year.I have enough trouble keeping up with birthdays he-he.What about you?

Close up of the rose garland.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend AND

an enjoyable one!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Some new teddy's just in.I love the chenille sleeping teddy ,gorgeous!
Nanna nap cushion $24.95
Small sleeping ted's $14.95
Grandma teddy $29.95
24 sleeps to go!

Monday, November 24, 2008

Frame...frame.......anyone need a photo frame.I have hundreds!Not

really,but I do have enough to sink a ship ha-ha.This is just a small selection I've got ready to go for Christmas.

Have'nt started my Xmas shopping yet, been concentrating on the stock for the shop and hence have been crazily unpacking for weeks.

Love this jar of Helen White soaps,almost too good to use.The soaps are Australian made and retail for just 4.95 each.

Can you see the key for Santa? What a great idea for those who dont have a chimney.NOW Santa can get in!

These duckies are new.You might need to click to enlarge.They retail for $29.95 each.Very cute.

We have just got back from a weekend in Coffs Harbour.We went up for my cousins wedding and it was just beautiful.Agood time was had by all and was just the thing needed to clear the head and get ready for the silly season.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Are'nt these trees just gorgeous.I have filled them with cystal dangly's but you could hang xmas dec's or jewellry on them.Around the base they have lovely verses.

Hope you can see them Ok they are a bit hard to photograph.These dingle dangles are all $3.95

This one is $6.95 and looks like a little chandelier.Sorry its not clearer.

And last but not least,this lovely pink wreath is a new addition.You could leave it out all year round.

Have a great day!!!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Do you like what I did to this lamp? Certainly made a plain calico shade into something special.

This is a close up of some of the pretty laces we are selling.

They start at $7 p/m up to$15 p/m

Check out these gorgeous hand painted brooches for Xmas.(click to enlarge) They retail for $14.95 and the lady who paints them said her husband thinks she's crazy for putting so much detail on them.She obviously enjoys making them.
Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the company of loved ones!Cheers

Monday, November 3, 2008

Look what I've been busy doing.

The local antique centre has a little coffee shop and once a month they have a little function of about 40 people or so.And the lovely lady who runs it offered me to put some flyers in her goodie bag,but I went one step further and donated these sweet little dishes for every lady as a table gift.In return, Mary Jo gave me a rave review in her newsletter that goes out to about 400 people.

She has also offered for me to come up and speak for a few minutes about the shop before they start.Ughhhhh, I'm not good at public speaking, but will have to get over THAT phobia,quick smart!

We had a lovely time at the Business awards last week,did'nt win but was'nt expecting to.Nice chance to get all dolled up and have an enjoyable evening with my hubby!

That's all my news for now.Till next time

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some new jugs and bowls that have come in and they are made in Australia which seems to be a rare occurance these days.

I love the scalloped one.They retail for $95.Very pretty.

Looking forward to next week when we are expecting lots of new goodies for Christmas.
We are off to the business awards on Friday night.One of our customers nominated us for excellent customer service.It was such a nice surprise.I am looking forward to getting all dressed up(its black tie).I really dont expect to win anything as we have only been open a bit over 6 months.

I am having Saturday off work and working Sunday this week as my mother-in -law cant work this Sunday,so will do Sat instead.Nice for a change.
Hope you have a great week and weekend .Chat soon!!!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Look what came at work yesterday.My favourite flowers from my hubby for our wedding anniversary.Am I a lucky girl or what?

We got well looked after by our gorgeous kids last night.First we had homemade guacamole and corn chips,then chicken in breadcrumbs,wedges and salad.Then homemade macadamia and choc chip cookies.All prepared by my eldest.And the others set the table with pink candles,name place cards and pink champagne glases topped with what else? Pink champagne of course.We are certainly blessed to have such a wonderful bunch of kids!!

Monday, October 20, 2008

A little peak at some lovely

new ceramics.Roses again of


Mine and hubby's wedding anniversary on Wed.

My eldest daughter is cooking a 3 course meal

and 2nd eldest is setting the table.How lucky are we?

Dont know what we are having,it's a surprise.

Not sure if I have ever posted a pic of
the front of our shop.Apologies if I have.
It is such a sweet building.
Not much news today,so will chat again soon.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Hey have a look at my cream display.The box in the middle is new and has been handmade by some ladies on the Gold Coast.It's just beautiful.I can thank my good friend Helen for giving me their contact.Helen owns Abode Gift and Homewares in Lismore(nth NSW) so if you are ever in the vicinity,be sure to find her.Its well worth a look to see all the pretties in her shop.

This is the ring box,hat pin cushion and bookmarks they do.So pretty.
This morning the truck came to deliver our frames and trusses,and I was caught in my pj's and had to move my car out of the driveway!Then the driver needed help with guidance so I was still stuck out there in my jim jams for half an hour.Then when he got into position he did'nt need me,so I went inside and had a shower,then there is a knock on the door,his remote for the crane was'nt working!What next,I thought.So he had to wait till someone could come out and fix it,so then it was a mad rush to get ready for work,get kids ready for school etc.In the end I had to go, so left them to their devices.Hopefully all will be OK when I get home.
It's a really beautiful day here today and I thought I'd leave with a little quote
'blessed is she who is too busy to worry in the daytime and too sleepy to worry at night"
See ya x

Friday, October 10, 2008

Cake forks with cup and saucers,set 4
New mirror shelf(click to enlarge) $249.00
Lot's of scarves in plenty of colours$14.95

Crystal knobs starting at $4.00

New wall shelf $189.00

Just thought I'd put some new goodies on to show you.I really love the mirror shelf.I have wanted one like this for ages, but I'll have to be sensible and wait till our extensions are finnished.
Hope you have a nice weekend,till next time! Hugs Lucinda

Monday, October 6, 2008

A while back I was tagged by the lovely Kerryanne English from,and have'nt had a chance to get to it .
As I am new to blogging I dont know if I would have 7 people to tag,so I thought I would put some random info on here anyway so you can get to know me better.
7 favourite things to do
1. Love spending time with my hubby and kids
2. Love cooking a special meal for them(when time permits)
3. Love being in my shop and displaying all the pretties.
4. Love going out of my and helping people
5. Love giving cuddles and receiving them
6. Love to sit down and have a cuppa and a chat with good friends.
7. Love to do craft
7 things I'd like to do
1. Go to Paris
2. See my kids grow up and be happy
3. Slow down a that possible?
4. Work about 3 days a week....uhhh..dream day!
5. Take the kids to Disneyland.
6. Volunteer work
7. Do up old houses.
7 things I cant do
1. Hit a golf ball ( I just cant seem to hit it without giggling like a school girl)
2. I'm not ticklish (much to my kids disgust as they cant get me back !)
3. Paint or draw.(I really admire anyone who can do either or both)
4. Keep an indoor plant alive(yet outside ,no probs)
5. Have an organised desk.This is just impossible.
6. I cant whistle loudly
7. I cant resist chocolate
7 things about me
1. I get more pleasure from giving than receiving
2. I love to laugh
3. I need a good cry every now and then(and a cuddle too)
4. I feel lucky to have found my soulmate.We've been together 17 years and still going strong.
5. I am very grateful for all that I have,and feel extremely blessed to have a healthy family.
6. I dont like confrontation,and will avoid at all cost
7. I love to watch girly flicks and eat chocolate!
So there you go, hope I did'nt bore you!
Catch you next time.

Can you believe it is October already?

Crazy where this year has gone.....

This is a sweet little telephone table that has just come in.I have had it before but it didnt make it to this blog.It is lined with blue toile wallpaper.Beautiful!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend.We were concreting the piers for our extensions.Hopefully I have burnt a few calories off.The weather was'nt very helpful, it decided to pour rain when we had only 4 holes to go.So we packed up, then the sun came out so we decided to finnish,and yep you guessed it,just finnished and it poured agin.Hubby was NOT happy!

Another new addition!It's kind of a greyish/greenish colour and I love the rose mouldings,which dont show up that well.

In the drawer I have some rose trim @ $12 p/m.

Have a lovely day!!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Another quickie today,just showing you my new ballerina mannequin.She's just gorgeous!

You can click on photos to enlarge.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Just a quick post today to show you some more new things.

Yesterday my 2 y.o neice fell off a slippery dip and broke her elbow.owwwww!She had to under anesthetic to put it back in place.We are going to see her this afternoon,poor bub!

What do you think of the soaps I decorated.They retail for $9.95.I thought they'd make a pretty presie.

Have a nice weekend,we are getting some beautiful spring weather here at the moment.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hi hope you are well,I've been down and out with the dreaded flu bug.Hopefully out the other side of it now,although it sometimes sounds like I am going to cough up a lung at any minute!!

Here's some more pretty photos.

This is a chair I reupholstered.It came up pretty good for a first attempt.The good thing was I already had the fabric and braid and the chair was given to me.I forgot to take a before photo.It was pretty bad before.It looked like it had been sitting in a shed for a long time and the rats had got into it!

This is a new pretty cupboard.I lovbe the rose detail down the bottom.It would look lovely in a little girls room or in a sitting room.

love this little stack of boxes

hope you have a lovely day,post more pics soon.Lou

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi again,another week has got away.The kids informed me there's only about 3 weeks til next school holidays.Boy the terms go much quicker these days.

Showing you some of the new laces I have in.You cant really see the white one on left,but it has little sparklies in it.I've also got some sweet little painted birds and a new mosaic birdhouse.

I havent had the camera at the shop for a while as I took it home to take some before photos of the back of the house as we are starting our extensions.Will keep you posted

This photo didnt turn out that well.The fabric rose braid is much prettier than this.Very vintage! I will try and do a project soon to show you how pretty it is.I have also been making these pretty friendship boxes.They have been selling quite well,some ladies have kept them for themselves.Why not?I just thought it was a good idea for those people who are short on time but want to grab a nice pressie for their friend...

LOOK at these pretty flowers and butterflies.And the memory board is new too.(you can click on pics to enlarge)

I hope you get to spend some time with family and loved ones this weekend.We are hoping the rain will stop so we can picnic.

Caht again soon,Lucinda x

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL DAD'S ....have a lovely day on Sunday!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not everything in our shop is pink.Thought I'd post some pics of things that are not pink,as much as I love pink,it is refreshing to have some other colours around me.

What do you think of the old door as a display?My hubby picked it up at the recycle centre for $20, and it had orange glass in the panels.We took the glass out,gave it a wash and put some hooks on it. I love the way the paint has chipped off.

Alright,I cant help myself,I have to put one photo on that is pink.Well's not too pink.

Till next time x