Monday, November 24, 2008

Frame...frame.......anyone need a photo frame.I have hundreds!Not

really,but I do have enough to sink a ship ha-ha.This is just a small selection I've got ready to go for Christmas.

Have'nt started my Xmas shopping yet, been concentrating on the stock for the shop and hence have been crazily unpacking for weeks.

Love this jar of Helen White soaps,almost too good to use.The soaps are Australian made and retail for just 4.95 each.

Can you see the key for Santa? What a great idea for those who dont have a chimney.NOW Santa can get in!

These duckies are new.You might need to click to enlarge.They retail for $29.95 each.Very cute.

We have just got back from a weekend in Coffs Harbour.We went up for my cousins wedding and it was just beautiful.Agood time was had by all and was just the thing needed to clear the head and get ready for the silly season.

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  1. Oohhhh...I love those cute little ducks. Of course I love Christmas too but that goes without saying..LOL