Sunday, May 30, 2010

I love chandeliers and I just wanted to show you some that have arrived in store.They came with an electrical plug so I was able to light them up for display.Popped one in the the soft glow it produces.Have it on a timer so it is on at night for a while.

This is another one I have lit up and it is up the back near the counter.This is a part of it showing a view to the front door.

Also made another teacup pincushion today from some old china.They are so much fun to make and make a nice little gift.Thats all for today catch up next time xx

Monday, May 24, 2010

pretty china

Hi again...hope your day is full of happiness.Today I just seem to be getting the loveliest customers coming through and it really makes your day when they say such nice things to make your day and enjoy the shop as much as I do.So thank you to all the sweet people who take a minute to say something nice

Thought I would show you some new china trio's I have recently bought.I will use them for the High Tea's.

They are all pretty ,I'm sure the ladies will enjoy using them!!!!

Remember a while back I thought the shop was getting a bit too girly, here is a pic of some of the more neutral stock I have got in recently.Love the rooster bookends....and the glass candleholders......and the silver alphabet bookends.
Another short post...catch up with you next time!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

More goodies to show you today.Firstly I am showing some baskets my mum in law made up for Mother's Day.(and might I add how lucky I am to have such a beautiful second Mum)She painted some baskets and planted one with herbs, and the others with flowers.They are out the front of the shop.Dont they look fab? If they dont sell I think they would look fantastic on my verandah!!hehe

This is a liitle lavender pouch I made a while ago.Pretty lace,velvet flowers and bit of bling.What more could a girl ask for?

I have a bed in the shop again.......doesnt it look pretty.My lovely friend Cindy gave me the white lace bedspread(which I wont sell) and it looks so gorgeous!Now I just need to order in some vintage cushions to make it look even more delicious.Every now and then I think I am getting too girly and fluffy in the shop....and it has happened again.But you cant help what attracts you can you, and as long as it sells I suppose it doesnt matter.I have been wanting to add more vintage, rustic, french look for a while and I think it will tie in with the look of the shop and may appeal to a wider for thought.Ok thats all today, Happy Mothers Day to you all.Hope you get to relax and enjoy time with your special ones!
Lucinda x

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mini cupcake anyone? Seems I never have time to post so am quickly showing some cupcakes I made.Yumm!

Quick post is better than no post.

Have a great day and week!

Lucinda x