Thursday, May 6, 2010

More goodies to show you today.Firstly I am showing some baskets my mum in law made up for Mother's Day.(and might I add how lucky I am to have such a beautiful second Mum)She painted some baskets and planted one with herbs, and the others with flowers.They are out the front of the shop.Dont they look fab? If they dont sell I think they would look fantastic on my verandah!!hehe

This is a liitle lavender pouch I made a while ago.Pretty lace,velvet flowers and bit of bling.What more could a girl ask for?

I have a bed in the shop again.......doesnt it look pretty.My lovely friend Cindy gave me the white lace bedspread(which I wont sell) and it looks so gorgeous!Now I just need to order in some vintage cushions to make it look even more delicious.Every now and then I think I am getting too girly and fluffy in the shop....and it has happened again.But you cant help what attracts you can you, and as long as it sells I suppose it doesnt matter.I have been wanting to add more vintage, rustic, french look for a while and I think it will tie in with the look of the shop and may appeal to a wider for thought.Ok thats all today, Happy Mothers Day to you all.Hope you get to relax and enjoy time with your special ones!
Lucinda x


  1. Hi Lucinda

    Everything looks absolutely luscious!

    Happy Mother's Day to you!

    xo Gail

  2. hello...lucinda,i like your baskets+bedspread so nice for display or decoration.Happpy Mothers Day to you.

  3. How wonderful! the bed with a pillow and purse perfume, how much love there, every detail speaks highly of your heart, a big hug from Argentina

  4. What a beautiful bed i just love everything about your shop i have a wish list thats a mile long and i really love that plate rack full of old china.I would have to agree that Cindy is a lovely friend i miss her dearly.I love the flowers in the baskets guess what i will be doing on Saturday planting flowers in white baskes they will look beautiful on my verandah too