Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rosey day today

 Hello again.....new in Hume Cottage this week.This sweet little mirror and shelf set.Love the rose detail on the little drawers.So cute!
 Still continuing the rose theme ......really adore these rose patterned sweeties.
 Quite a while back I cut these loveheart's out of MDF and painted them with blackboard paint.
 They come in handy for little signs around the shop!
 Love this bedside table......the rose plate stand near the rose print is always popular,and on the bedside is a lovely boxed candleholder which I will show you in closer detail in the next pic.
                                                                            Is'nt it lovely?
And finally today.....a close up of a bracelet in my jewellery cabinet....so sweet!Geez....I have gone all rosy today!!See you next time!
Lucinda x

Thursday, February 10, 2011

garden corner

 Hi everyone........sold my garden arch in the shop the other day and found this lovely rustic bookcase to go in my garden corner.Love how it is all washed out looking.
 Some new styles of oil burners.I also sell locally made melts to go in them.Some of the smells are devine, like french pear and one called angel.
 Still have my pink section....could'nt go without it!Some pretty soap petal's in a heart container,and a musical jewellery box and one of Gails prints that I found a nice frame for.
And today I did a bit of a valentine's day window with lot's of lucious red's and hearts....and a few cuddly teddy's too.Hope you get spoilt !
Lucinda x

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

more shop pics.....

 Hello again...finally getting around to showing you more of my shop now we have moved to the Main St
 Here is my rustic little corner.Got some lovely bath tea's and soak's today.They come with a cute little wooden scoop and some muslin to tie around your tap and infuse....sounds great!
My black and white section....bit of Paris and bit of glam.

This is a shot of a lovely mirror that looks like a window along with a lamp and wire bust.You can just see the back of my window display.
That'a all I have time for now...but before I go...check out Sue's blog.Lovely vintage china company,absolutely gorgeous!
See you soon
Lucinda x