Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Hi everyone, have'nt posted for what seems ages.What a busy week I have had.I'll try to fill you in a bit.
First of all we have been to the gift Fair in Sydney.2 days of shopping and trying to stick to a budget is very exhausting, but fun! We have got some lovely goodies on their way, especially coming up to mothers day. Boy where does the time go?
Next week is the shops 1st birthday, so have been busy organising that.Also on the weekend it was my grandmothers 80th birthday(happy birthday nan,)She had a lovely afternoon tea at the local hall then we went out for dinner.
Along with all this I had lot's of deliveries in the shop and have been busy unpacking and finding spots for things.One morning when I was opening up I heard a lady moaning and she had fallen on her face on the pavement and couldnt move, so I called an ambulance.Luckily I have heard back that she is OK but very bruised.Poor thing.
The extensions have also been cruising along well.Yesterday I had the day off and helped hubby.We have the frames and trusses up and hopefully next week will be ready for the roof.The windows are ready to go in.So it is all very exciting!
So I betta show you some phot'os of how full the shop looks and some of the lovelies Ive been unpacking.

It's getting full and the stock from the gift fair has'nt come yet!!!

This half table was from the furniture fair I went to.I love all the pink things on it.It has already been lay byed.AND this chair.What a bargain! A regular customer came in and asked if I would be interested in some chairs.I bought 2 of these chairs for $20 each.They are so lovely I dont think i can part with them :(
Sarah and Vicki were in the shop having coffee when these beauties arrived.What a lovely morning we had together.Isnt it great to be able to share common interests with beautiful people.
It has really hepled me through a tough time,thanks gals and all the blogging buddies who left such supportive comments.xxNow I betta catch up on everyones blogs.Have a fantastic day till next time LUCINDA

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some sad news......we found out on Saturday that my dear cousin did not make it.He was found 3km's from his house with his dog.It appears he was trying to get to a creek in the gully .
We are all praying that he did'nt suffer for too long.We are still trying to process it all.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have left such supportive comments.It's nice to have such beautiful blogging friends.
I am imagining a big cyber hug to all of you.ooxx

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Still no news on my cousin.I guess it could be a bit of a wait to find anything out.So I am trying to keep myself busy and distracted.Yesterday the shop was quiet so I started fiddling around and found some pink tulle.
Here's what I did with it

What do you think? Extremely girly!!! Love it, we all need a little girly in our lives.

Hubby has been busy working on the house.We have demolished the laundry and the floor is laid.Next is frames, yeah! I will be able to get more of an idea of what it will look like when the frames are up.
Will have to remember to take some progress photo's to show you.

This is one of the new lamps I got through the week.They retail for $69.95.I could imagine some more beading and maybe some velvet flowers on that shade.Ummmm food for thought.

Speaking of velvet flowers, I had a customer order to do.It's a lovely rose garland with beading underneath.

Here's a pic, hoping to get some more done today.You can click to enlarge.

Well that's enough from me today.God bless
Lucinda x

Monday, February 9, 2009

a little prayer

As I write this my cousin (34) Martin is missing in the Victorian bushfires.He has been missing since Saturday evening when he contacted family to say a tree was blocking the road he was trying to get through and he was going to abandon his car and travel by foot.His car has been found burnt out and so is his house .We are just hoping and praying for some good news.His wife and son are safe.
Please say a little prayer for him and the many others who are missing .

Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi again,thought I'd show you the new cream lace curtains I put up in the shop in the doorway to my back room.They were given to me by my lovely sis-in-law,and I was wondering what I could do with them.They look so lovely and give me a bit more privacy (or should I say cover up the mess in the back room!haha).I originally had ribbon curtains here which I used to get tangled up in!

Love this pink rose cushion! It retails for $34.95.

I also have it in green .

Tomorrow I am off to Sydney for the Design and Decoration fair.It is also a furniture fair,and I have'nt been to this one before so am very excited.Will let you know all about it.My hubby is coming with me so it should be a nice day out.

Speaking of hubby,he's unfortunately been laid off temporarily for 4 weeks.So he will be using the time to get a wriggle on with our extensions.Out of something negative comes a positive.We are hoping to get to lock up before winter as it gets extremely cold here.We have to pull the back of the house down so there is going to be lot's of mess and dust ,but will be worth it.We are just starting to feel a bit squashed with 2 teenage daughters and one bathroom!!!!!!

Here is a pic of the front of our cottage.It is only 3 bedroom at the moment(with 6 of us living in it)So we will be adding a main bed with ensuite and walk in robe,another bedroom for one of the kids,a new laundry and a family room.Should be just right,not too big(too much to clean)!
Will keep you up to date with our progress,have a lovely day!
Ralph Emerson