Monday, February 2, 2009

Hi again,thought I'd show you the new cream lace curtains I put up in the shop in the doorway to my back room.They were given to me by my lovely sis-in-law,and I was wondering what I could do with them.They look so lovely and give me a bit more privacy (or should I say cover up the mess in the back room!haha).I originally had ribbon curtains here which I used to get tangled up in!

Love this pink rose cushion! It retails for $34.95.

I also have it in green .

Tomorrow I am off to Sydney for the Design and Decoration fair.It is also a furniture fair,and I have'nt been to this one before so am very excited.Will let you know all about it.My hubby is coming with me so it should be a nice day out.

Speaking of hubby,he's unfortunately been laid off temporarily for 4 weeks.So he will be using the time to get a wriggle on with our extensions.Out of something negative comes a positive.We are hoping to get to lock up before winter as it gets extremely cold here.We have to pull the back of the house down so there is going to be lot's of mess and dust ,but will be worth it.We are just starting to feel a bit squashed with 2 teenage daughters and one bathroom!!!!!!

Here is a pic of the front of our cottage.It is only 3 bedroom at the moment(with 6 of us living in it)So we will be adding a main bed with ensuite and walk in robe,another bedroom for one of the kids,a new laundry and a family room.Should be just right,not too big(too much to clean)!
Will keep you up to date with our progress,have a lovely day!
Ralph Emerson


  1. Having lived through a major house extension in recent years you have my sympathy and support. Keep looking at the big picture Lucinda becasue it is all worth it in the end. I love and appreciate the extra living space we added but it was difficult to live through at times. Hopefully hubby will get a lot completed while the weather is fine.

    Love your new lacy curtains.

  2. Hi Lucinda
    have a great day at the fair lemme know what yousee, eat, everything!1 can't wait to see the pics of the extensions.. good luck with it.
    Take care

  3. Hi Lucinda,
    The new lace curtains look really nice, as are the new cushions.
    Have fun at the fair tomorrow, can't wait to see what you come back with.
    I love the front of your house, the extension will be fantastic.
    Sarah xxx