Sunday, February 15, 2009

Some sad news......we found out on Saturday that my dear cousin did not make it.He was found 3km's from his house with his dog.It appears he was trying to get to a creek in the gully .
We are all praying that he did'nt suffer for too long.We are still trying to process it all.

I want to say thank you to all of you who have left such supportive comments.It's nice to have such beautiful blogging friends.
I am imagining a big cyber hug to all of you.ooxx


  1. Oh Lucinda - that is so tragic. Words escape me - really, what can any of us say that can take the pain away? The bushfires have been devastating and should never have happened.

    I'm sending a great BIG squeezy hug right back to you.
    Kerryanne xx

  2. Hi Lucinda, I just came over to check on you....I'm so very sorry, I can't imagine what you'd be going through right now

    Please know I'm thinking of you all - if in anyway I could be of help I'm only an email away!

    lots of love and special thoughts to you and your family

  3. dear lucinda...words cannot even begin to convey any feeling...any sense of this enormity..

    I guess one can take some solace from the fact that he was with his best friend..His dog...

    cannot think of what else to say..

    sorry...and my deepest sympathy...

    xxx andrea

  4. Lucinda,
    My deapest sympathy goes to you & your family.
    Words just don't seem to enough at the moment, so I am thinking of you & sending you a big hug.
    Sarah xxx

  5. The love and support of the nation are with the families of those affected by this dreadfull situation. There are so many stories, so many people affected. Hugs for you Lucinda!

  6. Oh Lucinda
    Dave and I are so sorry for your loss...
    Take care sweetie we will catch up with you soon
    If there is anything we can do just let us know
    God bless
    your in our thoughts
    Vic and Dave xxx

  7. Hi Lucinda,

    I just learned from my friend Gail Mc Cormack about your cousin... we in the United States have been watching and praying for all concerned... I am sorry to hear about your loss and just wanted to let you know that you are in our thoughts through this difficult time


  8. I am so sorry about your cousin what a loss. I have been praying for you all and hope that soon things will be better. I have heard many lives have been lost, and homes and thats not counting the calaterial damage in other ways. Take care.

  9. Hi there Lucinda,

    I have just learned from a friend of both of ours that you have had this terrible loss. My heart feels heavy at knowing you and your family have also been affected by these terrible fires. My cousins were very lucky to have survived but for a very short time we though we had indeed lost one with his wife and child. I only know how it feel's to think that has happend so I cannot begin to imagine how you are feeling.
    Please take comfort in knowing that you are in ours thoughts and prayers and that your cousin was with his mate when he was taken by the angels.
    Sending you BIG cuddles