Sunday, January 24, 2010

Hello again

A while back I was given a bag of doilies and have been wondering what I could do with them .

This is what I came up with and they are so easy to make.Click to enlarge

Some lovely heart shaped soaps.They look sweet in this jar.

Some new birdie houses.Bit of a rustic look for a change

A new tiny clock came in last week.The verse says"Home is where your story begins"

These I have had for a while, but they are such a great idea.I gave my daughter one when she was doing swimming lessons.They are plastic lined so it keeps all your other items dry.
Well that's all my news for now....catch up next time!
Lucinda x

Monday, January 18, 2010

ready for a new year

Hi Everyone....well after three weeks off (thanks to my gorgeous Mum who ran the shop for me) I am back ready for an action packed 2010.

May this year be a great one for all of us!!

I thought I would start with some pic's of the shop, have had a bit of a rearrange ,even though it's a bit hard with stock levels down after Christmas.

This is a new garden arch with bench seat that will be great to display things on and hang on.I did order a cream one,but that's not what arrived so will just have to work with it.By the time I hang lot's of pretties on it you'll hardly see it!!

This is on the other side of the arch, bit of an angle shot for a change.

This is to the side of the arch.Love the shelf on top of the chest.It has crystal knobs under the shelf.Just need lot's more pretties!!

This is a pine dresser we painted and put new knobs on.It turned out quite nice and shows off the stock nicely.Need to keep an eye out for more furniture like this.I think I need to make a pact with myself to go searching at least once a week.

And a sweet lavender corner.The wrought iron clock is new too...would look really nice on a coloured wall.

A new dancing lady with mosaic butterfly on her dress.
Well ther's a few shots of the shop at the moment.
We are starting our VIP shopping nights soon too.Stay tuned and I will fill you in
Chat again soon
Lucinda xx