Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mini cupcake anyone? Seems I never have time to post so am quickly showing some cupcakes I made.Yumm!

Quick post is better than no post.

Have a great day and week!

Lucinda x


  1. I have 3 words for you
    YUM yummy and yummyer and yummiest!!!!
    hmm thats 4 words but hey.. they look soooo good.......esp the icing

  2. Hello Lucinda Yum Yum i love those cup cakes.Cindy told me that you have High Tea your shop is the first on my list when i head down for a holiday.I done a High Tea at work last week i work with the elderly and we did it with all the trimings some of them had tears in their eyes as they couldnt remember the last time they had a cup of tea in real china.your cup cakes would go down a real treat