Monday, April 19, 2010

creating is good for the soul....

Hi everyone.............I dont know about you but I just love to create and probably go a bit crazy if I dont get a chance to.
Here is a pretty pin cushion I made the other day, you cant see but the base is a crystal dish.Pretty, pretty , pretty!

This another one of Meghans lamps.She sure is one clever chickie.I dont know how she finds time ...with working full time and kids and a house to look after.Maybe its her way of relaxing and feeling great!
I dont know if you can see but on the back of the chair is a velvet heart I made that has a doily,velvet roses and a bling cameo brooch.
a pic of one part of the shop.We are getting full ready for Mothers Day.More goodies to come.
Well thats all I have today.
Have a wonderful day full of love,laughter and good health!!!!!!
Lucinda x


  1. Hi Lou
    I agree I go nuts when I can't create and I loveeeee your latest.. great to see you back in the saddle and being creative where you belong!
    blessings from us to you
    Vic xxx

  2. Lucinda ~
    Such beautiful things ~ Ohhh your shop looks perfect for Mother's Day ~

  3. Wonderful work you do with a shop, which incidentally is beautiful, charming, full of roses, a wonderful thing, I really love everything you sell with your husband, a dream!!

    I leave you a hug luck with your sales, may God bless you, Chany