Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hi again,another week has got away.The kids informed me there's only about 3 weeks til next school holidays.Boy the terms go much quicker these days.

Showing you some of the new laces I have in.You cant really see the white one on left,but it has little sparklies in it.I've also got some sweet little painted birds and a new mosaic birdhouse.

I havent had the camera at the shop for a while as I took it home to take some before photos of the back of the house as we are starting our extensions.Will keep you posted

This photo didnt turn out that well.The fabric rose braid is much prettier than this.Very vintage! I will try and do a project soon to show you how pretty it is.I have also been making these pretty friendship boxes.They have been selling quite well,some ladies have kept them for themselves.Why not?I just thought it was a good idea for those people who are short on time but want to grab a nice pressie for their friend...

LOOK at these pretty flowers and butterflies.And the memory board is new too.(you can click on pics to enlarge)

I hope you get to spend some time with family and loved ones this weekend.We are hoping the rain will stop so we can picnic.

Caht again soon,Lucinda x

HAPPY FATHER'S DAY TO ALL DAD'S ....have a lovely day on Sunday!

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  1. Lucinda, you have such pretty things in Hume Cottage - that lace is gorgeous.

    Remember when we were at school and the terms seemed to last an eternity, now we are the mummies and the terms fly past super quick...hhmmm, why is that?