Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Not everything in our shop is pink.Thought I'd post some pics of things that are not pink,as much as I love pink,it is refreshing to have some other colours around me.

What do you think of the old door as a display?My hubby picked it up at the recycle centre for $20, and it had orange glass in the panels.We took the glass out,gave it a wash and put some hooks on it. I love the way the paint has chipped off.

Alright,I cant help myself,I have to put one photo on that is pink.Well .....it's not too pink.

Till next time x


  1. Wow what a bargain that door was....good on hubby for getting it for you. I have the dreaded flu lurgie at the moment, but when I'm not so germ ridden I will pop into the shop for a look.
    Chat soon,
    Sarah xxx

  2. Lucinda that door was a great find and what a bargain. I'm sur eit will be very useful as a display prop in Hume Cottage.