Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Some new jugs and bowls that have come in and they are made in Australia which seems to be a rare occurance these days.

I love the scalloped one.They retail for $95.Very pretty.

Looking forward to next week when we are expecting lots of new goodies for Christmas.
We are off to the business awards on Friday night.One of our customers nominated us for excellent customer service.It was such a nice surprise.I am looking forward to getting all dressed up(its black tie).I really dont expect to win anything as we have only been open a bit over 6 months.

I am having Saturday off work and working Sunday this week as my mother-in -law cant work this Sunday,so will do Sat instead.Nice for a change.
Hope you have a great week and weekend .Chat soon!!!!

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  1. How lovely Lucinda to be nominated for an award and after only being open for 6 months. I hope you enjoy your evening.

    Can't wait to see your Christmas pretties.