Monday, October 20, 2008

A little peak at some lovely

new ceramics.Roses again of


Mine and hubby's wedding anniversary on Wed.

My eldest daughter is cooking a 3 course meal

and 2nd eldest is setting the table.How lucky are we?

Dont know what we are having,it's a surprise.

Not sure if I have ever posted a pic of
the front of our shop.Apologies if I have.
It is such a sweet building.
Not much news today,so will chat again soon.


  1. Hi Lucinda,
    I just enlarged the photo so I could take a closer look at Hume Cottage. How sweet is your shop from the front? Do you also have a tearoom/cafe? I thought I could see set tables in the window....Hmmm now I am feeling like a peeping Tom..LOL

  2. Hi Lucinda!

    I've just spent an enjoyable time going thru your blog. I love all the photos of the shop. The outside is really, really pretty, it's a shop I would visit often!

    Warmest regards