Monday, October 6, 2008

A while back I was tagged by the lovely Kerryanne English from,and have'nt had a chance to get to it .
As I am new to blogging I dont know if I would have 7 people to tag,so I thought I would put some random info on here anyway so you can get to know me better.
7 favourite things to do
1. Love spending time with my hubby and kids
2. Love cooking a special meal for them(when time permits)
3. Love being in my shop and displaying all the pretties.
4. Love going out of my and helping people
5. Love giving cuddles and receiving them
6. Love to sit down and have a cuppa and a chat with good friends.
7. Love to do craft
7 things I'd like to do
1. Go to Paris
2. See my kids grow up and be happy
3. Slow down a that possible?
4. Work about 3 days a week....uhhh..dream day!
5. Take the kids to Disneyland.
6. Volunteer work
7. Do up old houses.
7 things I cant do
1. Hit a golf ball ( I just cant seem to hit it without giggling like a school girl)
2. I'm not ticklish (much to my kids disgust as they cant get me back !)
3. Paint or draw.(I really admire anyone who can do either or both)
4. Keep an indoor plant alive(yet outside ,no probs)
5. Have an organised desk.This is just impossible.
6. I cant whistle loudly
7. I cant resist chocolate
7 things about me
1. I get more pleasure from giving than receiving
2. I love to laugh
3. I need a good cry every now and then(and a cuddle too)
4. I feel lucky to have found my soulmate.We've been together 17 years and still going strong.
5. I am very grateful for all that I have,and feel extremely blessed to have a healthy family.
6. I dont like confrontation,and will avoid at all cost
7. I love to watch girly flicks and eat chocolate!
So there you go, hope I did'nt bore you!
Catch you next time.


  1. Hi Lucinda,
    I loved reading your answers about 7 things. The new things for the shop look lovely, the rose trim has me really intrigued...will have to come & have a look at it (& every thing else) soon.
    Sarah xxx

  2. Very interesting 7's Lucinda. I think we are alike in many ways.

    I too am not ticklish and my children still after all these years try to find a ticklish spot...seems they can't believe that someone is not ticklish. LOL

    Here's a BIG cyber HUG for you,

  3. Hey Lucinda, just stopped by to say hi, enjoyed getting to know you better thru your 7's. I like your blog and visit now and then. Stop by again and say hi. Roses in winter. TTFN