Thursday, November 5, 2009

Hey all , thought I would show you my Christmas display in the shop.Still a work in progress.I could'nt believe the customer pressure to put it out ( I did'nt want to put it out toooo early) , then the other day a customer groaned "oh've got your Christmas things out too!!!" Cant win! I must admit that until I did put it out I was'nt feeling very Chrismassy.

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I managed to take some pic's of our extension yesterday, bare with me as the lighting was'nt great but it will give you a bit of an idea how things are coming along.

This is our bedroom ...looking from inside the ensuite.How lucky was I to be given the bench seat at the end of the bed.I have'nt decided what colour I will re-upholster it yet.I love it!!

Another pic of our bedroom.And a little peak at the ensuite.I got the vanity off ebay and it's one of my fav things.The frames on the wall I got from the markets and spray painted white

Another one of my fav pieces, my plate rack full of old china and crystal.

And the lovely mirror shelf I was given last Christmas from some beautiful friends hangs pride and place in our family room with some pretties.Can you see a bit of my chandy in the reflection?

betta go, will post pics soon of the rest of it.have a nice weekend
Lucinda xx


  1. Hi Lucinda, love the stool, it's gorgeous. Would love a plate rack like that. The house will be stunning when its all finished.

  2. OOhhhhhh... everything is so lovely Lucinda. You must be so pleased with how it turned out. The shop looks beautiful and festive too. You can never win with the customers and if you don't have it out, you can't sell it!!
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Hi Lucinda

    I'm hearing you on the Christmas thing - way too early I think, but it is now expected when you're a retailer, to have your displays up early, go with the flow I guess, you made me laugh about your cutomer's comment....

    Your extension is looking fabulous, I bet you're loving it