Wednesday, December 8, 2010


Boy has it been a crazy few weeks for me.As per last post I mentioned we were moving the shop.Well it's all done and dusted!!!

We have moved to a slightly smaller shop in the Main St of Mittagong(not too far away from where we were) So in a short space of time we had to paint,build, pack ,sort, move ,unpack all within 1 week!!!

Here are some before shots...I forgot to take one earlier, but you can see up the back that the whole shop was painted burgundy on the bottom part and a dark cream on top.It used to be a hairdressing salon and we also built a wall up the back to give me a bit more storage.
Lots and lots of painting to cover that dark colour, but already it was lightening up the shop.

View from the back looking out.A bit dark sorry!

And all moved in!!!!We utilised the counter that was left behind and it is great for display and has given me more counter space.

Will take some better photo's ...the wall my hubby built looks like part of a cottage.We used an old windoe out of our house that was taken out for the extensions, so I can do my bookwork and keep an eye on the shop.Great!!
No more tea's and coffee's though,or high tea or devonshire tea's.Not enough room and I am up near 2 coffee shops so it's not needed so much.

And view form the before we re-opened(paper still on the window).
Wil show some more next time
Lucinda x


  1. LOU LOU LOU it looks amazing!!!!! well done sweetheart!
    will have to visit soon... before I pop!
    much love to you and yours from all of us
    Vic xxxx

  2. I was just thinking of you this afternoon Lucinda!
    Wow!...fantastic result, what a massive task to have completed...WHEW is right!

    It all looks wonderful
    Wishing you loads Happiness in your beautiful new shop

    p.s.....still hoping to call past oneday
    Gail xx

  3. Beautiful and sweet.I love your shop.

  4. It looks wonderful, just beautiful! I love that idea of making the back wall look like a cottage. Definately a lot of work to do in a week but I'm sure it will be all worth the effort, they say position is everything you know with a shop! Will have to pop in one day too.. take care, Maryann

  5. Gosh Lucinda, that must have been a huge effort to get everything done in one week. It all looks as pretty as usual and I love the idea of the window effect at the back.
    Best wishes for the new Hume Cottage.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne