Thursday, April 30, 2009

A bit of excitement!

Thursday, I had an exciting morning........the photographer and stylist from Country Home Ideas magazine came and spent a few hours in the shop.I was slightly concerned about the mayhem it might have caused with customers coming in, but it worked out just fine..I told the stylist she could do whatever she liked to see what she would come up with,and now I cant wait to see the finnished pics.(in about 2-3 issues)They were so considerate and put everything back where it came from.So that was a bit of fun!

Once again I feel the compulsion to move things around.Do I have a sickness?I think I might...The afternoon sun comes through the windows in winter, which is much appreciated.We are having some really chilly days .

I put the table and chairs in the window for a change.Does'nt look too bad.

We have the insulation in the walls at home so guess what I will be doing Sunday? Gyprocking yehhhhh.Getting very excited now and it will be sooooo much warmer then.Last Sunday we went to a lighting shop and bought some chandeliers.2 for the family room and 1 for our bedroom.I really could have gone mad and bought some for the girls rooms too, but I will do that later.

Well I hope you all have a lovely weekend and get to enjoy some quality time with loved ones.Till next time chow!

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