Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Happy Easter to everyone.I hope you get the chance to enjoy the company of loved ones and also get a chance for some rest and relaxation.I also hope the Easter bunny comes to you all.....

After fiddling around with tea and coffee in the shop for a year I have finally made a commitment to give devonshire tea's a go.The lovely Vicki and David have been so helpful with tips and ideas I can implement.
It was the coffee's I was scared of.It is a real art to make a proper cuppacino.But after some great tips from Vicki, I feel I am getting closer.

We are hoping to offer High Tea's in the near future.So we will be doing a bit of rearranging over Easter to accommodate a few more tables.Here's a pic of what I have done so far.We are planning to move the buffet and hutch on to that wall and fill it with tea's and locally made jam's etc.Make it more of a kitchen section then over the other side of the shop have all the bedroomy stuff.We'll see if it works.I'll post photos next week to see what you think.

Speaking of locally made things,check out these yummy gingerbread men.They are almost too cute to eat............I did say almost!

I sell them for $2.00 each , do you think that is a reasonable price?

Love this stack of notes with pen.It's a lovely saying 'live love laugh' is'nt it?
Take care and catch you next week.


  1. Mmmmmm....just love a devonshire tea and doesn't yours look so yummy!!

    I wish you and your family a wonderful and safe Easter too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. dear lucinda...OOHH HOW I LOVE a good scone with some jam & cream..MMM!
    its funny my eldest son BYRON ..will sit and devour a scrumptious scone (with me!!)...CHRISTIAN wont have a bar of it!!

    BUT!!! I am a ONE A DAY coffee person...I MUST MUST HAVE the perfect FLAT WHITE each morning...I am a FANATIC..and a perfectionist..
    SOOOO as a consumer...PLEASE PLEASE get your coffee RIGHT FIRST TIME...lovely crema...etc..
    and customers will return on a regular basis..

    has to have a good thick "body" to it...not watery...
    Once YOU are WELL known for a GOOD coffee..and it has to be CONSISTENT..(not dependant upon who is on the machine...they ALL have to DOOO A GOOD/consistent JOB)...

    OMG...I have gone on & on about coffee...BUT I LOVE to go & have a perfect coffee EACH morning...I just have the one per day...
    AND I hate having different people on the machine ... with their diff coffees...BUT I still have to pay the same price..@!!

    MY dream...ONE coffee per day..PERFECT EVERY day regardless who is on the machine...CONSISTENCY..CONSISTENCY...
    otherwise..I try to find a good good coffe elsewhere..
    this is meant to be a scary blog for you...JUst trying to tell you what I love & want in a coffee..

    xxx andrea

  3. I meant to say...this is NOT meant to be a scary blog for you...(it is typed as this IS a scary blog for you..)..sorry...

  4. Oh, Lucinda, I wish I lived closer and I would be there for afternoon tea and the high tea's when they come along.
    The Gingerbread men in a jar and very cute and very reasonable priced. I'll take two thanks.
    Happy Easter, Hugs, Anna

  5. Hey Lucinda, Love the look of your scones and jam... mmm will try them for sure next time we are in mmmmm maybe one of those Ginger Bread Men also which are way to cheap by the way. Dont worry about the coffee so much, from our experience you will never please everyone no matter what machine or coffee you have as there are so many different tastes out there, not to mention so called experts.

  6. Hey Miss L

    The scones look great!! YUM YUM!!!

    We will be in sometime next week to sample them!!!

    We really have to get you onto the coffee we had in The Silver Teapot (we where well known for it and it has a wonderful history)... we should also take you to see Gerard (coffee grower, roast master and international judge)so you can see how the coffee is roasted and maybe he might pass on a few tips also

    He is amazing and a wonderful instructor... I had the priviledge to be trained by him for 7 years or so..

    see you soon
    Vic xxx

  7. I love tea!! Will check them out when you post pics!!Do you sell your items and ship?
    Have a wonderful Easter, Sabrina

    P.S I hosted your store on my blog so I hope lots of the gals stopped by!!

  8. I am so glad to see someone offering a tea room. We have had so many close here and are always interested in new ones.

  9. hi Lucinda..pop over to my blog..I have an award for you. :) Marilyn xoxo