Thursday, May 7, 2009

Hey all, cant believe it is Friday again.Hope you all have a wonderful Mother's Day and that you get spoilt rotten.You deserve it!!!

Does anyone else ever feel overwhelmed with the busy-ness of life.i spend so much time pleasing everyone else, I neglect myself at times and am feeling a bit stressed and anxious.I guess we are'nt superwomen and cant do everything all the time,it's something I need to learn!

Anyway on a lighter note here are some pics of some pretty's in the shop at the moment.

Here are some lovely locally made soaps.They look almost tooo good to use.And I wish you could smell them , they are delish!
A lovely apothocary jar(is that how you spell it?) filled with pink dingle dangles.I just love these sort of jars.You could fill them with anything you like really.

One day i sold all my tie backs in the shop so i temporarily made up these to hold the curtains back, and what do you know...........people want to buy them.So I have just made another 6 for a customer.So simple to make, takes about 2 mins with a bit of ribbon and a hot glue gun.

And last but not least I had fun decorating this lamp with bits of lace and beading.I have a tendency to overdo things but maybe on this one I could of put a bit more on.Think I will live with it for a few days and see.
Well that's all for now,hope you have lots of laughter and love surrounding you this weekend and always xx Lucinda

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  1. Hi Lucinda,
    Ah, all your pretty's look lovely.
    There does come a time in your life, when you learn to say no. I think it happens when we hit the 40ish mark.
    Hoping you have a better week, next week.