Sunday, May 17, 2009


Wow I have'nt done a post for to catch up on what's new!!A few weekends ago I went to a customer's house to check out some lamps she's been doing.Boy was I in for a surprise.Every lamp was just devine and so I ended up coming home with 13 I think.Could have been alot more I tell you.You know when someone inspires you and you cant stop the whirring in your head, that's how I felt for the next few days.So little time.
Anyway I thought I would share some photos of them .Some have already been sold.

I am heading back to her house this weekend to pick some furniture up for the shop.Cant wait!

These photos dont do them justice but you get the idea.

I have them in the window as well.Above them is some bunting Sarah made.I will take a better photo as you cant see the pretty pinks and greens.I am a lucky gal to have so many clever people making such lovelies for the shop!
This is one of the standard lamps, again it's a bit washed out too much light.I will take one at dusk to show the true beauty.You can click to enlarge all the photos

I will post again soon and show you some more goodies.



  1. Simply beautiful lamps Lucinda. What a great find for the cottage and a local supplier too.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. DAMMIT Lucinda,
    I'm gonna have to put stuff in your shop to try and sell it so I can spend it UURRGGHHH
    I want one of those lamps....
    your gonna send me broke (but very very happy hehehe)
    so I'm not talking to you... hahaha so there pppttthhhhhhhttttttt :OP