Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Hey everyone, thought I would share this photo of my hubby covered in plaster from sanding the gyprock.Mind you I looked just the same but managed to escape a photo.I know...I know I'm no fun at all ,am I?
We had a good ol laugh anyway!
This is my new timber vanity I am putting in the ensuite.What a bargain.......$175 on ebay.I was really sweating on winning it.You know .....counting down the seconds and waiting,hoping you've won.It came complete with taps and bowl.Love it!!!
Sorry about the photo. I think the dust was still airborn the next day.Next to the vanity are some chandeliers.1 for our room and 2 for the family room.Hope I have'nt over done it, but I really do love chandy's.
This is a photo from our room.The ensuite is on the left and walk-in robe on right.We are getting there slowly.The kids are getting excited about decorating their rooms.We are reusing some old doors from my hubby's Nanna's old house that has been demolished.

Here is the family room.We wont know ourselves with so much more room.Not looking forward to all the painting.
Well there's another update on the reno's , boy have I been good with blogging this week,must be some kind of record.
Till next time,Lucinda x


  1. Hi Lucinda
    The joys of Home Renovating!!
    It'll be worth the effort in the end

    Thanks for the order will post it up tomorrow

    Happy sanding

  2. Yikes... plaster dust - can it get any worse? That fine dust gets in to every crevise. Look at poor hubby's face... hee hee, fancy taking his photo.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne