Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hume Cottage is closed!!

Saturday saw the last trading day at  Hume Cottage. Mixed feelings that's for sure.Shed a little tear and said my goodbye with a glass of champagne.Thanks again to all those gorgeous friends, family and customer's who supported me along this 3 and a half year journey, it's certainly been a roller coaster ride full of laughter, happiness and stress!!!My beautiful friend Heidi shocked me with a  Surprise Tea Party at her home.She filled it with gorgeous food, tea,coffee and friends! I was shaking and crying  when I had discovered what she had done and was so overwhelmed by this random act of kindness.She knows how much the shop meant to me and we celebrated  in the best way ever....a tea party!!

So what will I be up to now?
I have landed myself a full time job at Bed Bath n Table as Assistant manager!! I start on Tuesday and I am excited and nervous.It will be nice to be working in amongst those beautiful homewares and get paid for it!!
So going back to my previous door closes...another one opens, and it has for me.
I have a new direction in life to look forward to and I also look forward to balancing my life with more time for family, friends and me time.No more stressing about paying the rent or supplier's, not my worry anymore.
Yay!! So thanks to all my bloggy buddies who have encouraged me along the has meant alot and I certainly have enjoyed sharing the experience with you all.

Take care


  1. I am so sorry to hear that Hume Cottage has closed, we love homewares that have a classic look like this. It is a great story to hear about the fact that you friend knew it was important to take the time to organize this tea party. Good luck in the future.

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