Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I was looking for something to do,and thought these hanging frames needed something.What do you think?I put some beautiful Gail McCormack cards that I got from Miss Ali in the frames.I think it was just the thing they needed.I have also been making velvet rose swags to sell in the shop.


  1. Hi Lucinda, thanks for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment on my blog. I think I visited your blog a while ago through Sarah's but naughty me didn't leave you a comment. Tut, tut. Anyway, hope you shop is goping well, Kathryn.

  2. Hi Lucinda,
    I've tagged you in 7 Random Facts, drop by my blog for details.
    Sarah xx

  3. Hi Lucinda I have come over from Sarah's blog.
    How lovely gail's cards look in the frames.

  4. Hi Lucinda
    Oh WOW the cards look adorable in your frame, I hope your beautiful shop is doing well

  5. Thanks Lucinda for the link to Helen, I didn't realise you were in Lismore before - how about that!