Tuesday, July 21, 2009

long time ...no blog


Surely it has'nt been 22 days since my last post....goodness me..I've been slack!!

Well I better get to it and show you some goodies, but before I do , the high tea went extremely well and we are now doing them once a month.The first Saturday of each,the next one(1st August)is coming up quickly and the bookings are coming fast.It was so much fun, I think I was on a high for about a week after!

Since I last posted I have been to another gift fair, and some new goodies have been trickling their way in.I got some lovely garlands and posies to make the shop prettier.I have wrapped them around my ugly curtain rods.Makes a big difference, really frames the window.

I also have been busy doing up some chairs.Sorry I forgot to take a before photo of this one.The fabric is so pretty , originally the chair was dark timber with a rust colour velvet on it.Much nicer dont you think? Next to the chair is a bench seat that I also got from the fair.

A lovely birdcage on a stand that I wrapped some more rose garland around and made a nice tassel to go on top.Next to it is a lamp I decorated as well.Both have been lay byed.

Some new pretty spoons also arrived.I got extras to use for the high teas.
Well that's all for now, till next time.


  1. Hi Lucinda,
    LOVE the new posies, will try to pop in either tomorrow or Friday for a look around.

  2. How lovely everything looks!
    wish I could pop in too!

  3. Hi Lucinda,
    Oh, everything looks so sweet and pretty at your shop.
    The chair looks great and I can see why you ordered extra spoons!

  4. all Looks gorgeous Lucinda..

    AM planning a trip up your way before the end of the year!!

    fingers crossed...xx andrea