Wednesday, February 24, 2010

As promised here are some pic's of one of my best buddies home.

This is her bedroom and the photo's dont do it justice at all, but is'nt it just gorgeous!!! So romantic and inviting.

Pretty corner filled with beautiful goodies.The corner shelf was timber and her hubby painted it white.Looks great.

The other pretty corner.Could you see yourself relaxing with a cuppa???

Lovely dressing table and powder chair, perfect under the window.

Close up

Tall boy adorned with more gorgeous goodies.

The ensuite filled with clean fluffy towels ,sweet smelling soaps and powders.

This is the plate rack her Dad made for her.It's in the family room.Will do a post on that room next.But maybe I should'nt show you too much as I think we may(?) have convinced her to start her own blog .
Thank you Heidi for allowing me to show parts of your beautiful home, and thanks for being such a wonderful caring friend.Love ya x
Lucinda xx
P.S I think I am up to my 96th post so will have to have a giveaway to celebrate.Better get my thinking cap on?!


  1. Hi Lucinda, Heidi's home is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing some pics! I LOVE the boudior seat at the end of the bed and by the way I also LOVE your china 'rack' full of old china, wish I could fit something like that in my kitchen!! take care, Maryann

  2. Heidi has a gorgeous home Lucinda - thanks for sharing. Now she most definitely needs to start her own blog so we can drool over her pretties.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne