Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lovely surprise!

It is with a little tear of happiness I write this blog today.You know one of those days when you feel like there is'nt enough of you to go around,and you wish you had more time to stop and smell the roses?......that was how I was feeling today .......until this beautiful bunch of flowers arrived at the shop!

"Who could this be from?" I thought.

It's not Valentines Day yet..........and my hubby and I usually just give each other a who could it be?

Who would be sending me such a gorgeous bunch of flowers?

I could'nt open the envelope quick enough to see who it could be and this is what it revealed in the card........
" A garden without lady bugs would be like life without friends"
They are from my beautiful friend Helen......and she knows I love pink flowers just made my day.(sniff...sniff)
I had to contain myself not to cry when I rang her to thank her.
Sometimes in life a special friend comes into your life and they are so rare and feel blessed to be her Helen if your read this thank you again, I'm blessed to have you and you'll always be one of my special friends.XX


  1. Hi Lucinda

    How lovely!

    The older I grow, the more I realise how special my close girl friends are

    Thank you for sharing Helen's friendship to you with us


  2. Hi Lucinda, what a lucky girl! What a special friend. I agree with Gail.

  3. Oh my! you nearly made ME cry! What a lovely friend. Have a great week end! take care, Maryann

  4. What a sweet friend you have. I love visiting your blog and looking at your pics. I know you can enlarge your pics but I think because yours are so pretty that they deserve to be bigger!

  5. It is a blessing indeed to have such a thoughtful and caring friend that makes your heart smile.
    I really wish I lived a bit closer so I could come and drool in you beautiful shop..hehe..who knows maybe one day I may take a holiday down your way :)
    Have a lovely week, Lucinda!