Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Hello again, I have just been inspired.A lovely lady Vicki has just joined the blogging world.She and her husband owned a gorgoeus shabby chic cafe that tragically got burnt down last year.If you have time pop over to read her post

,very inspirational and great to see them on a mission to enjoy the best of every day.Which I think all of us need a little reminder every now and then.What's that saying "dont sweat the small stuff",very true.

When I came back to work I was determined to move things around a bit and get a fresh look for the New Year.After moving the bed into several positions(on an angle,against the wall,at right angles to the window) I ended up putting it almost in the exact same position.Does anyone else do that? WHAT A SILLY DUFFER

Anyway I have decided that I might give the bed a break and make a display window instead for a while,but will probably need a cupboard or hutch or something.Now I will be on the prowl for one.

I have been having fun playing with my new camera.It has so many more features than my old one.I absolutely looooove these tassels.They make me happy just looking at them :)

These are a little dearer than normal.$11.95 (all my other tassels are $9.95) but well worth it I think.

I am looking forward to my day off tomorrow, my beautiful mother is going to work 1 day a week for me until they go away travelling in April.Is'nt she a saint.Words cant express how much I love her and my dad, I only hope I can be half as good a parent as they are.Ohhh I'm getting all mushy now hee hee.
Hope you have a lovely day and see you next time.x


  1. Welcome back Lucinda....sounds like you have had a great break with the family. How lucky are you to have a mum that is happy to help out in the shop.

    In a previous life (before children,) I was a visual merchandiser at Myer for many years and I can tell you even the proffessionals have days where they move everything around only to end up back where you started....but isn't it fun having a play with all the pretties??

  2. It's me again....I've tagged you for a bit of fun so pop on over to join in.

  3. Hi Lucinda,
    HAHAHA about the furniture moving efforts, I do the same all the time. Was going to come see you on Tuesday but got caught up chatting to another friend down at the market place... Will try to get in & see you tomorrow (Thursday) & then the week after I get holidays YEAH so maybe we could meet up with Vicki & have a coffee?
    Sarah xxx
    P.S: The new tassels look really nice! So worth the extra $$$!

  4. That tea display is lovely.
    I must hop right over and meet her and her husband.
    So sad their store burned.

    Barbara Jean