Sunday, January 18, 2009

I am back again..... I forgot to mention that Kerryanne from Shabbyartboutique tagged me.

So here goes....I think you are supposed to post the 4th photo in your 4th folder and tag 4 people.I think i can do that.

Okay so this was my 4th photo.It is a pic of a shop I started in Lismore NSW(Abode Gift and Homewares) about 5 years ago.The pic shows the little display shed(that was already there) and back then I was a lot more into country.I sold the shop a few years ago to my friend Helen, and she is doing a fabulous job at continuing to grow the business and make it look even more beautiful.It's great to talk with her and share our worries and great finds and basically just support each other. The only thing I have to convince her to do is join the blogging world!!!
So I would like to tag:

Cant wait to see their pics


  1. Hey Thanks for tagging me, will hopefully get it done today! I have this week off, so today is my 'home' day. Have been sorting through all my 'crafty things' BIG JOB!

  2. Hi Lucinda
    Glad your pictures arrived safe and sound, your shop looks so so pretty, we're definetly planning a holiday/selling tour this year, of course it will be a must to come through Mittagong, my family live not far from Helen, I was so pleased to see a photo of her shop in Lismore, hopefully we might get to see it in real life soon

    Your blog is looking beautiful Lucinda. I've been tagged for the same tag - woops I'd forgotten about it - I'm very bad with tags and awards - quite rude of me probably