Monday, January 12, 2009

I'm back.........I can't believe my last post was early December!!!! After a very busy Christmas in the shop, I had a little 2 week break.My mum very obligingly worked in the shop for me.What an angel she is.So I got to spend some quality time at home with my treasures and also got to spend some time with visiting friends and family.Lovely.

So back to the grindstone.....well it's not really a grindstone.It's always a pleasure to be surrounded by pretties!

My friend Helen will get a laugh from this pic.I have had these pretty painted ducks in the shop for a while ,but was planning to give one to Helen for Xmas and as she reads my blog,I could'nt put the duckies on the blog.So now I finally can.Are'nt they lovely.

Coming up to Christmas I had these sweet little tic tac toe sets.Hopefully I can get them again.They are little fairies and dragons.
This was an old photo,I have a new camera and tripod, so am hoping my photography skills may improve??????Maybe!!!
Well that's all for today,I promise to keep you updated from now on.
Happy blogging!

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  1. YAY!!! thought you where closed.. will pop in soon....
    Vicki and David Millington