Sunday, January 18, 2009

Wow another week gone, looks like this year will pass us by quickly too.Hopefully we will get a bit more time to stop and smell the roses, which is what I did yesterday.It was a gorgeous day here yesterday so I spent most of it outside tending to my roses, they are looking fab at the moment.Then later in the day I sat on the verandah with a cup of tea and a mag and actually had time to study each page in detail.(country home ideas of course)

Here is a pic of some of the roses

I have a few new Gail McCormack prints in the shop.I cant

seem to keep enough lately.I can understand, they are stunning.It takes all my strength not to take them home.

Love the girls only sign,it's such a sweetie!
Leave you with a thought for the day

"let us not hurry so in our pace of living that we lose sight of the art of living" Sir Francis Bacon
Have GREAT day!!!


  1. Yes Lucinda, Gails work is simply stunning.

    Like you, I fear this year will fly as quickly as the previous one - are we just getting older or are we busier?

    Beautiful roses.

  2. I love your roses, glad you were able to take time out for yourself.
    Talk soon,

  3. Don't have time to read much right now, but enjoying your pics.

    Are the roses painted? Or decals?

    All is lovely.

    Barbara Jean