Monday, January 26, 2009

What are little girls made of?

Love the illustrations in this book by Sandra Kuck.They are so girly and gorgeous!

I was just flicking through it and came across this little verse:

'Tis the greatest gift from heaven,

little arms that hold you tight,

and a kiss so soft and gentle

when you tuck them in at night.

Is'nt that beautiful.I think it is so easy to be busy and take for granted little things like that.They grow up sooooo quickly that I think they are only on loan. haahaa

These are new hooks that would be great if you were renting as they just hook over the door,no need for screws.And of course you have to have a little bling!
Till we chat next time!


  1. Hi Lucinda,
    I love those pictures, how cute!
    Hmmm think I need to come & check out your new over the door hooks.
    Sarah xxx

  2. Sweet book and those hooks are a great idea Lucinda. I like the tassles too.

  3. WOW i LOVE those pics...
    I really have to get my toosh into gear and come down and check out your stock
    Vic xxx