Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi all, I'm in love with this birdcage.(click to enlarge) I bought the pedestal off a customer on Saturday and thought the cage would look lovely on it.I put some pink ribbon on and a few roses and hey presto!

Sometimes it takes all my strength not to take all these lovelies home.Ughhh!
I am looking forward to having a day off tomorrow.I have'nt had one off for about 3 weeks.I am going to get a haircut and spend some vouchers I got for Xmas, then home to catch up on things.Not sure if hubby is working yet but if he's not will probably help him with the house.The roof is almost finnished.Just 2 small corners to go.We have had 2 storms in a row, so it will be nice to get it finnished before we get any more.

This is the view along the front window at the moment.In the glass bowl is scented flowers, and my ballerina is going to a new home on Thursday.A customer lay byed her.I will try to find something lovely to go there now.The roses in the tall vase are new too.Pink and white of course( I really am a pink freak)

Well better go just got some more deliveries to unpack.Show you next time.
Chow for now!
Lucinda x


  1. hi lucinda...all looks lovely as usual..
    the ballerina figurine is gorgeous!!

    jeez!! hope you have a nice time to yourself...after 3 weeks!! too long for me..

    I always had people working for me when i had my shop..(i think i was a bit toooo lazy!)..!!

    xx andrea

  2. Lucinda, I recon you have the best of both worlds - you get to enjoy all the pretties at the cottage during the day and then when you go home in the evening you have a completely different decor. Kind of like having two houses to decorate - double the fun!!

    Hope you enjoy your day off.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  3. Hmmmm more gorgeous thing for me to come & see!
    Hope you had a great day off & bought some great new stuff with your vouchers.
    Chat soon,
    ~S~ xxx

  4. The bird cage is so very pretty and white and pink are my favorite color combo.