Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time for a change.With the shop celebrating it's first birthday,I thought it time to change a few things.The first to go( for a while anyway) was the bed.So in a quiet moment I starting pulling it all apart.Then what do you know a flood of customers(of course!!!)It's always the way is'nt it? Anyway I shuffled and shuffled and this is what I came up with.What do you thinlk? AND it's NOT pink hehe.

You can click to enlarge.The 2 seater bench is new.I got it from the furniture fair I went to.At least I will have a bit more room for all the new things when they arrive!

These cannisters are sweet.I dont know if you can tell but the handles are butterflies....................too cute!
Update on reno
Have ordered the roof for our cottage.Windows going in today or tomorrow.Helped hubby put fascia up yesterday.
Must remember to take a photo tonite.


  1. Hi Lucinda
    Your shop looks lovely, we have a similar two seater, aren't they great as you can also put them outside - many a lunchtime I've sat out on ours with a book and comfy cusions in the sunshine

    Yes please take some photos of your renovations

  2. I love the new look in the shop! I will be in town on Thursday so I will drop by then. Hope the reno is still going well.
    Sarah xxx

  3. Hi Lucinda
    To use the words of the great Rachel Zoe (fashion stylist in LA) your shop is AMAAAARRRRZZZIIINNGGGG!!!! I love it.. the reno looks good to look forward to seeing more more more!!!
    Vic xxxx

  4. The cottage always looks gorgeous Lucinda and the new look is perfect too. Those cannisters are lovely with the butterfly handles.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. dear lucinda...the shop looks lovely..
    AND i know what you mean..when i had my soon as you begin to change your gets busy...
    and have you had something that has sat there for ages...finally it sells..and you put a "SOLD" sign on it...AND THEN EVERYONE asks how much was it?? OH my gosh..i would have bought that!!

    it used to give me the you know what...but then after 10 years I began to calm down!!

    xx andrea

  6. Lucinda, OH MY the shop looks Gorgeous!! I wish I lived closer I would be there for sure!! Do u sell the cannisters on your website?? I really LOVE them!!

  7. Hi Lucinda, Wow shop looks great but I loved that single bed. I know what you mean about the shop filling up when your tring to do something. We would start something at the Silver Teapot on purpose to get customers.. use to work a charm every time.
    Will have to bring Vicki down for perve at your shop love it!

  8. I love the redo!! Your store is very lovely!!

  9. Pop over to my blog, I have something to give you :) Marilyn