Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ok here's some more pics of some other changes and new things this week,

This is what I have put in place of a chest of drawers that went out this week.The liitle cream cabinet sitting on the table came from my hubby's grandma's house.After she passed away a few years back,the house was sold to developer's.They told the family they were demolishing the house and we could take wahtever we could.So Tony and went in and levered this cabinet off the wall.Along with an assortment of doors(which will look lovely in our extension,and sentimental too x),and an old warmbrite fire and the copper out of the laundry.I tell you if I could of I would have got the windows,floorboards and awning.This little cabinet has come in so handy for displaying.It might end up in the house eventually.

This is a lovely table I bought from a regular customer.I love the wood top and cream legs.I also got that chair from her as well.I think I showed you that a while back.

This is another view of the dresser,the wrought iron seat is under the window now.And can you see that floral chair at the front.That is new too(same lady I bought the table off)
I took my camera home last weekend to take some pics of the renos and forgot ugghhh!Things have slowed down with a bit of rain and hubby has picked up some part time work,but this week is working everyday.So not much has happened.Cant wait to get the roof on then we wont have to worry about the rain.Which has been on and off all week .It's very hard when you know we need it but cant it just wait a week or too? Not much to ask,is it???hehe

Another new lovely that came in today.Anything with roses on it grabs my attention straight away.And this wrought iron shelf came today.How handywould it be for a laundry or bathroom
Alright,that's enough jibba jabba from me.Hubby and I are off to the Coldplay concert Thursday night.Should be fun.Till next time luv ya and leave ya Lucindaxx

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