Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.I've been down and out with a dreaded flu bug for a few days.Nothing some rest and antibiotics wont fix.I was extremely lucky to have a husband with a day off who was willing to fill in for me so I could go home to bed.Thank you darling :) then a wonderful mother in law who worked Sat for me.I sure am blessed to have such a supportive family surrounding me.So back to work today feeling fine,just an annoying tickle cough that only errupts when you are trying to talk to customers !!(how embarrassing)

Thought I'd show you this lamp I decorated the other day.Click to enlarge if you need , the lace has little diamonte's in the middle of the flower.

This beautiful cameo brooch could be pinned to a lamp for a bit of bling
and glamour.Just gorgeous!

These sweet little hand painted birdies are back in again.Every time I get them they dont last long at all.Are'nt they sweet?

Hubby is off again today and I was just talking to him and he has part of the old roof off ready to join the new frames on.Cant wait for the next stage.

Well that's all folks, till we meet again xx


  1. Your cottage is just beautiful Lucinda ! Marilyn

  2. nothing worse than a tickle in the throat!! especially when talking to customers OR trying to stifle it in bed next to your hubby...!!

    love the lamp..

    xx andrea

  3. Poor Lucinda... I hope that nasty bug leaves you soon. Lots of vitamin C for you.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  4. Hi Lucinda,
    I hope you are starting to feel better, gosh not even winter & you got the dreaded lurgie.
    Hope it passes soon.
    The lamp looks lovely, you did a great job.
    Those birdies are just gorgeous, no wonder they fly out the door!
    ~S~ xxx