Thursday, March 26, 2009

House reno's

Finally I am getting around to posting some pic's of the house extension.

This is when we first started digging the holes for the piers.The bit at the back(where the gas hot water is) was my laundry(that has since been demolished).That is hubby working hard.So glad we remembered to take before photo's.

This is the back view.That window is in our new bedroom, it faces east so we will get the morning sun.Very nice on those wintery days.

next photo is the side view.This window is the family room which will come off the kitchen.Just enough room for the kids to have the playstation etc.We are going to extend the deck right out,maybe, if we dont get sick of all the mess!

Now the next photo is just going to look like a web of frames, I

dont know if you can make it out but that doorway goes into our room and then on the left will be the ensuite and next to that the walk-in -robe.Fantastic.

Anyway the cladding arrived today so we will soon be up to lock up.Yay!

Next photo is standing in our room looking back towards the kitchen.That wall will be demolished when we get to lock up and if you look hard you can see my washing machine that is backed up to the kitchen bench.Oh well at least I can still wash.And to the right is the new laundry(u cant really see) and one of the girls bedrooms.

So there you go a tour of the extensions.I will keep you posted on the progress.

Thought I'd quickly show you a lovely shabby chic bedside that David from shabbilyrestored did up.Is'nt it a sweetie? Looks fantabulous in the shop.

Okay that's all from me today have a lovely weekend everyone!

Lucinda xx


  1. The house reno is coming along beautifully Lucinda. You won't know yourself with that extra room. Is your head full of ideas for decorating?
    Have a great weekend.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  2. Wow Lucinda the extention is huge and bet will be transform the house when you guys have finished it. Nice pic of the bedside table thanks a heap.

  3. Hi Lucinda,
    The house reno is looking good, it's heaps bigger than I imagined.
    I love the new bedside table you have in the shop from David, will have to get in on Thursday to have a look.
    ~S~ xxx