Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a quick post to show you my latest edition to the shop.I was so excited to see this dresser on shabbilyrestored blog, I had to have it as I could picture it in the shop.So the lovely David,Vicki, and the adorable babyLily(oh and I cant forget Val,Vickis mum) delivered it today.

Wow, I can see this dresser with all sorts of displays on it.The big question though 'will I be able to part with it?' Probably not!!! But I want to say a big thanks to the Millingtons and I look forward to buying lot's more goodies off them.

Beter go its nearly knock off time,will post again tomorrow and show you some other changes I have made this week.
XX Lucinda


  1. dear lucinda..the hutch looks totally fab!!

    I sold the exact same hutch..(but painted a horrid blue) my garage sale...some many years ago..
    Before I knew about shabby/french chic!!

    OH WELL...i guess it went to a good home.

    LOVE how it looks...good on you...and ps..saw your ad in "country homes" mag??

    tres chic est tres magnifique..!!

    tres BON...andrea

  2. Hi Lucinda
    WOW the dresser looks amazing!!!
    you have done an amazing job!
    Thanks so much for today it was much appreciated... We are all inspired once again
    see you soon


  3. Hi Lucinda,
    The hutch looks fab in your shop. Lucky girl, I wouldn't part with it either if it was mine!
    ~S~ xxx

  4. That was a great 'get' for the cottage Lucinda. I recon it would be very hard to part with such a perfect display item.
    Hope the house reno is progressing well.
    Hugs ~ Kerryanne

  5. Wow nice dresser! ;-) If I dont mind saying so myself, wow it does look really good in your shop and so glad you like it. See what the Shabby man can come up with next?