Thursday, March 26, 2009

House reno's

Finally I am getting around to posting some pic's of the house extension.

This is when we first started digging the holes for the piers.The bit at the back(where the gas hot water is) was my laundry(that has since been demolished).That is hubby working hard.So glad we remembered to take before photo's.

This is the back view.That window is in our new bedroom, it faces east so we will get the morning sun.Very nice on those wintery days.

next photo is the side view.This window is the family room which will come off the kitchen.Just enough room for the kids to have the playstation etc.We are going to extend the deck right out,maybe, if we dont get sick of all the mess!

Now the next photo is just going to look like a web of frames, I

dont know if you can make it out but that doorway goes into our room and then on the left will be the ensuite and next to that the walk-in -robe.Fantastic.

Anyway the cladding arrived today so we will soon be up to lock up.Yay!

Next photo is standing in our room looking back towards the kitchen.That wall will be demolished when we get to lock up and if you look hard you can see my washing machine that is backed up to the kitchen bench.Oh well at least I can still wash.And to the right is the new laundry(u cant really see) and one of the girls bedrooms.

So there you go a tour of the extensions.I will keep you posted on the progress.

Thought I'd quickly show you a lovely shabby chic bedside that David from shabbilyrestored did up.Is'nt it a sweetie? Looks fantabulous in the shop.

Okay that's all from me today have a lovely weekend everyone!

Lucinda xx

Monday, March 23, 2009

Hi all, I'm in love with this birdcage.(click to enlarge) I bought the pedestal off a customer on Saturday and thought the cage would look lovely on it.I put some pink ribbon on and a few roses and hey presto!

Sometimes it takes all my strength not to take all these lovelies home.Ughhh!
I am looking forward to having a day off tomorrow.I have'nt had one off for about 3 weeks.I am going to get a haircut and spend some vouchers I got for Xmas, then home to catch up on things.Not sure if hubby is working yet but if he's not will probably help him with the house.The roof is almost finnished.Just 2 small corners to go.We have had 2 storms in a row, so it will be nice to get it finnished before we get any more.

This is the view along the front window at the moment.In the glass bowl is scented flowers, and my ballerina is going to a new home on Thursday.A customer lay byed her.I will try to find something lovely to go there now.The roses in the tall vase are new too.Pink and white of course( I really am a pink freak)

Well better go just got some more deliveries to unpack.Show you next time.
Chow for now!
Lucinda x

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hi everyone,
I dont feel like I have much to show you this week but we'll see how we go as we walk around the shop.
Today I received these lovely candles and melts.I wish you could smell them, they are devine.

The ivory ones are lemongrass and white tea and the pink ones are rose and sandalwood.Yum!

Hope fully today when I get home there might be a roof on our extension.Poor hubby has been battling all week trying to join a staright extension to a crooked house.I would hate to be a fly on the wall the last few days,I imagine a few expletives would've been thrown around hehe.

This is a cute little door stop.Is'nt it gorgeous? I had 4 in the range.Think I will have to get them again,they've proven very popular.$19.95.

This afternoon a good friend is popping in after work for a cuppa.Sometimes it's the only chance we get to catch up as we both work full time.We play tea parties and I close up for the day so I can relax and enjoy her company.
I got this silver serviette stand from an op shop for $1. I love it and the roses are from my garden.A last spurt before winter.
Hope you have a lovely weekend and enjoy the company of special loved ones and good friends.
Luv Lucinda x

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hi everyone, hope you are all well.I've been down and out with a dreaded flu bug for a few days.Nothing some rest and antibiotics wont fix.I was extremely lucky to have a husband with a day off who was willing to fill in for me so I could go home to bed.Thank you darling :) then a wonderful mother in law who worked Sat for me.I sure am blessed to have such a supportive family surrounding me.So back to work today feeling fine,just an annoying tickle cough that only errupts when you are trying to talk to customers !!(how embarrassing)

Thought I'd show you this lamp I decorated the other day.Click to enlarge if you need , the lace has little diamonte's in the middle of the flower.

This beautiful cameo brooch could be pinned to a lamp for a bit of bling
and glamour.Just gorgeous!

These sweet little hand painted birdies are back in again.Every time I get them they dont last long at all.Are'nt they sweet?

Hubby is off again today and I was just talking to him and he has part of the old roof off ready to join the new frames on.Cant wait for the next stage.

Well that's all folks, till we meet again xx

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ok here's some more pics of some other changes and new things this week,

This is what I have put in place of a chest of drawers that went out this week.The liitle cream cabinet sitting on the table came from my hubby's grandma's house.After she passed away a few years back,the house was sold to developer's.They told the family they were demolishing the house and we could take wahtever we could.So Tony and went in and levered this cabinet off the wall.Along with an assortment of doors(which will look lovely in our extension,and sentimental too x),and an old warmbrite fire and the copper out of the laundry.I tell you if I could of I would have got the windows,floorboards and awning.This little cabinet has come in so handy for displaying.It might end up in the house eventually.

This is a lovely table I bought from a regular customer.I love the wood top and cream legs.I also got that chair from her as well.I think I showed you that a while back.

This is another view of the dresser,the wrought iron seat is under the window now.And can you see that floral chair at the front.That is new too(same lady I bought the table off)
I took my camera home last weekend to take some pics of the renos and forgot ugghhh!Things have slowed down with a bit of rain and hubby has picked up some part time work,but this week is working everyday.So not much has happened.Cant wait to get the roof on then we wont have to worry about the rain.Which has been on and off all week .It's very hard when you know we need it but cant it just wait a week or too? Not much to ask,is it???hehe

Another new lovely that came in today.Anything with roses on it grabs my attention straight away.And this wrought iron shelf came today.How handywould it be for a laundry or bathroom
Alright,that's enough jibba jabba from me.Hubby and I are off to the Coldplay concert Thursday night.Should be fun.Till next time luv ya and leave ya Lucindaxx

Monday, March 9, 2009

Just a quick post to show you my latest edition to the shop.I was so excited to see this dresser on shabbilyrestored blog, I had to have it as I could picture it in the shop.So the lovely David,Vicki, and the adorable babyLily(oh and I cant forget Val,Vickis mum) delivered it today.

Wow, I can see this dresser with all sorts of displays on it.The big question though 'will I be able to part with it?' Probably not!!! But I want to say a big thanks to the Millingtons and I look forward to buying lot's more goodies off them.

Beter go its nearly knock off time,will post again tomorrow and show you some other changes I have made this week.
XX Lucinda

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Time for a change.With the shop celebrating it's first birthday,I thought it time to change a few things.The first to go( for a while anyway) was the bed.So in a quiet moment I starting pulling it all apart.Then what do you know a flood of customers(of course!!!)It's always the way is'nt it? Anyway I shuffled and shuffled and this is what I came up with.What do you thinlk? AND it's NOT pink hehe.

You can click to enlarge.The 2 seater bench is new.I got it from the furniture fair I went to.At least I will have a bit more room for all the new things when they arrive!

These cannisters are sweet.I dont know if you can tell but the handles are butterflies....................too cute!
Update on reno
Have ordered the roof for our cottage.Windows going in today or tomorrow.Helped hubby put fascia up yesterday.
Must remember to take a photo tonite.